Throwback Thursday: Dogs at Play

Historic Photos of Dogs Playing for Adopt-A-Dog-Month

Most dogs love any opportunity to play. At the ARL we hold dog playgroup for our shelter dogs every morning, so they can get their exercise and socialize with one another. Here are some fun photos of playful dogs who were a part of the ARL’s history.

October is Adopt-A-Dog-Month and we’re celebrating all month long! View the dogs that are currently waiting for loving homes on our website.

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Throwback Thursday: “Cat In Tree” Rescues in 1940

Historic Cat Rescue Photos from the ARL Archives

A lot has changed since 1940, but even today you still need brave, animal-loving Rescue Technicians to save a cat stuck in a tree. Today our Rescue Team receives at least a few calls a week about a feline stuck high up in a tree top. Follow our Rescue Team on twitter to stay up-to-speed on their latest rescue activities.

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Throwback Thursday: Horses at the League in 1940

Horses have been an important part the the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s history. ARL founder, Anna Harris Smith was very passionate about Boston’s working horses and dedicated much time and resources to helping them. Here are a few photos of horses that we helped in 1940. The August 1940 issue of Our Four Footed Friends featured two horses! Learn more about the ARL’s history: