Pets of the Week: All of the Piggies at ARL Shelters

March is Adopt A Guinea Pig Month

The month of March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month.

Many people don’t realize that our shelter and others adopt out these adorable pets.

Here are three great ways you can support guinea pigs in shelters this month:

  1. Adopt. Guinea pigs make great pets. If you’d like to learn more about them, call our Brewster shelter and speak with one of our adoption agents.
  2. Spread The Word. Tell your friends and family they can adopt guinea pigs at the ARL’s Brewster shelter rather than buying from a pet store.
  3. Foster. Sometimes even guinea pigs need foster parents.

03-13 Guinea Pig Month_ThumbCharlie, pictured left, is one of several guinea pigs as our shelter. He is a smaller sized boy with that spiky abyssinian hair.

Charlie is used to being held, though he can be a little timid when in his cage. He likes to eat his salads and munch on his hay. He will be a great pet for his new family – come meet him at our Brewster shelter on Cape Cod soon!

Read his profile.

View other available guinea pigs:

Heidi and U-Haul Celebrate Adopt-A-Guinea Pig Month


Heidi (L) & U-Haul (R)

March is Adopt-A-Guinea Pig Month!  Most people assume that animal shelters only have cats and dogs, but here at the Animal Rescue League of Boston we have a knowledgeable staff and are able to accommodate a variety of animals including guinea pigs! Julie Morris, ASPCA senior vice president for National Shelter Outreach, designated March as Adopt-a-Rescued-Guinea Pig celebration month. “The idea behind the celebration month is to encourage future adopters to think of shelters and rescue groups first.” Between our three branches, we currently have 6 guinea pigs available for adoption, so if you’re thinking about getting a guinea pig, why not consider adopting one from the League?

U-Haul and Heidi are 3 year old female guinea pigs who were brought to the League because their owner was moving. They have lived together since they were babies and are best friends  As you can imagine they are very attached to each other and would like to go to their forever home together. They are well socialized, very friendly and like being held and petted. Will you help Heidi and U-Haul celebrate Adopt-A-Guinea Pig Month in  new home? Share this with anyone you know who’s thinking of getting a guinea pig! If you’re interested in adopting Heidi and U-Haul, stop by our Boston Adoption Center or give us a call at 617.426.9170.

Count on a Guinea Pig to Bring You Some Holiday Cheer

Titoblog1We’re continuing this week’s “home for the holidays” spotlights with an animal on the smaller side. If you’re looking for a small animal to fill your home with holiday cheer this season then look no further, Tito is the guinea pig for you! Tito is a charming 2 year-old male guinea pig who was brought to the Animal Rescue League of Boston due to landlord restrictions. Tito has been at the League’s Boston shelter since August and this little fella deserves to find his forever home for the holidays. Please help Tito find a home by Christmas by sharing this with any small animal lovers you know.

Here’s a little more info about Tito:


  • His favorite snack is dried cranberries!
  • He doesn’t mind being held and carried.
  • He loves to hide.
  • He may seem shy at first, but once he feels comfortable with you he lets his personality shine.
  • When you pet him he sometimes makes the little guinea pig purring and bubbling sound!

This multi-colored guy is a real charmer, so come meet him today! Our Boston Adoption Center is open from 1-7pm.