Lil’ Nugget The Foster Kitten Adopted Early!


Lil’ Nugget with his foster dad, before leaving for the Adoption Center. Credit Maria L. Uribe

For the last four weeks we’ve been following the progress of Lil’ Nugget in his foster home. Lil’ Nugget is a kitten who was surrendered to the Animal Rescue League of Boston back in early January and was too young and sick to be placed on the adoption floor immediately. He has spent the last four weeks in the home of Maria and her husband, who have nursed him back to health and helped him grow into a healthy and social kitten!

Last Friday Maria brought Lil’ Nugget in for a check-up and vaccines. He had made such excellent progress that after his exam he was approved for adoption early! He was placed on the adoption floor on Saturday and was adopted within minutes of the shelter opening! Good luck Lil’ Nugget! We are so glad that we got to follow you on your journey as a foster kitten!

Credit: Maria L. Uribe

Credit: Maria L. Uribe

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Lil' Nugget Week II

Lil’ Nugget. Photo Credit: Maria L. Uribe

It’s been a good week for Lil’ Nugget. Last week he was a little under the weather. He was struggling with a respiratory infection and had to be in isolation on a strict medical regimen. Today he’s off his meds, out of isolation and his eyes are crystal clear. Now this shy little guy begins the process of socialization! 

His foster mom, Maria, sent us an update last night and said that “he has started to explore around the house. He climbed 2 stairs for the first time yesterday.” He’s as curious as any kitten. Now that Lil’ Nugget is healthy he needs to start working on his people skills. Maria will work on getting him to become less timid. She explains that he “still needs socializing, because he is very shy, but getting better every day.” Physical contact is one of the best ways to get him to come out of his shell. Maria will be spending the next few weeks holding and petting Lil’ Nugget, playing with him, introducing him to her own cat and helping him become more comfortable with people. Check back next Tuesday for an update on Lil’ Nugget and find out how he gets along with his foster sibling!

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