Too Hot to Trot

Too Hot for Spot Tuesday: Tips for Safely Running with your Dog in the Summer

Exercising with your dog can be fun, but it’s important to adjust your running schedule in the summer to accommodate your pup. Running in the summer heat with your dog can be dangerous. We, humans, sweat in the summer, while our dog only has the ability to cool down with the pads of his feet and through panting. Your canine runner may be in excellent condition but overheating and heatstroke can be fatal for even the fittest canines.

Here are some tips to help keep your pup safe while you train:

  • toohotforspot_summerexerciseAdjust your running schedule to the early morning or late evening to avoid the hottest parts of the day.
  • Check the weather: It’s no fun to exercise on a 95-degree day with 80 percent humidity — for either one of you. Check the weather the night before and be flexible with your workout time, choosing cooler times of the day to get your run in. Your dog may be really sad and whine when you shut the door, but if it’s way too hot, it’s best to leave him at home where it’s cool.
  • Know your breed’s special health concerns: Short-muzzled breeds, like Bulldogs can overheat quickly.
  • Watch for signs of dehydration: Bring along a water bottle and a collapsible bowl, periodically giving your dog water breaks
  • Consider the surface: Asphalt and concrete can be too hot for furry feet, and rocks and gravel may cause cuts, so stick to dirt roads or sandy trails. After the run, check your dog’s pads for cracking or other injuries.

Remember, your dog can’t tell you when he’s tired, or thirsty. Keep a watchful eye on your dog, and notice whether he’s struggling to keep up, panting excessively, or limping. Take breaks throughout your workout to give him a chance to catch his breath, rest his muscles, and grab a few laps of water.

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Registration Now Open for New Balance Falmouth Road Race 2014

Falmouth Road Race Logo croppedRun for the ARL on this Beautiful Cape Cod Course!

We are currently accepting applications for the 2014 ARL Falmouth Road Race Team! Will you run with us on August 17?

The New Balance Falmouth Road Race celebrates its 42nd running this year and the spirit which made the first Falmouth so special is still present today. More than 12,000 runners will gather in Woods Hole for the 2014 renewal, including many of the world’s elite, though the essence of the event remains a fun run. Back-of-the-pack joggers share the road with the best, forming a tapestry of colors from the start on Water Street to the finish at the beach in Falmouth Heights.

We are very grateful to organizers for granting the ARL charity bibs for the second year in a row.

Our number of bibs is limited, so runners interested in participating in this classic summer road race should submit applications no later than Thursday, June 12. Applicants will be notified by our Advancement team via email on June 16.

Before your submit your application please note that runners on the ARL team pledge to raise a minimum of $1250 to help
rescue animals from suffering, cruelty, abandonment, and neglect.

For more information and to register visit:

05-21-14 Falmouth Start Line


Track the ARL’s Runners on Marathon Monday

Marathon Monday is 2 Weeks Away!

01-19-14 Boston Marathon Team PicsThe Boston Marathon is two weeks away and our runners could not be more prepared!

After months of training through extreme winter weather conditions, the runners are relieved to finally enter into the taper portion of their training.  This means that they run less and rest more for the last 3 weeks before race day, giving their bodies time to recover from the intense training that they have been doing.

They’ve been working hard and deserve some love! Please show your support for the ARL’s Boston Marathon Team, by donating to them on their Crowdrise page and cheering for them on Marathon Monday. For information on how to track the progress of our runners using the AT&T Athlete Alert visit:

To receive alerts for our runners, you’ll need their bib numbers which are listed below:

Carolyn: #28887

Karen: #28886

Margaret: #28884

Turner: #28885

Donate to the team today:




Meet the 2014 ARL Boston Marathon Team!

 Running 26.2 Miles for Animals in Need

01-19-14 Boston Marathon Team PicsThe ARL is happy to be celebrating our fourth year as a John Hancock Boston Marathon Charity Team in the 2014 Boston Marathon.

The goal for our runners is to raise over $30,000 which will support our Animal Care and Adoption Centers, Shelter Medicine, Rescue Services, humane Law Enforcement and affordable spay/neuter activities throughout Massachusetts.

We are incredibly excited to announce the members of this year’s team.

We have four talented runners on our team: Carolyn Curran, Karen Gondoly, Margaret Hallowell and Turner Smith. Please keep checking our calendar of events, which we’ll be updating regularly with each runner’s fundraising events.

“I’m so proud to be running for the Animal Rescue League of Boston simply because I continue to raise awareness for animal welfare in my every day routine as the Assistant Shelter Manager, and this opportunity allows me to do that on a greater scale.” – Carolyn Curran

“As an avid runner and animal lover, Karen is proud to represent the Animal Rescue League of Boston in this year’s Boston Marathon: for the memory of those lost last year, both furry and not; for a race that makes this city great; and for an organization that does amazing things for the animals of Massachusetts.”

“Turner Smith is thrilled to join the ARL Boston Marathon Team for the 2014 Boston Marathon to give back to her local South End community in an especially meaningful way — by helping to provide crucial veterinary and adoption services to needy animals in the Boston area. “

Please support our 2014 ARL Boston Marathon Team by making a donation on their fundraising page:




2014 ARL Boston Marathon Team Applications

Join Our 2014 Boston Marathon Team!

BRECKMarathongtFrontAre you an animal lover who has been dreaming of running in the Boston Marathon? Here is your chance to support the Animal Rescue League of Boston while running in one of the world’s most prestigious road races.

John Hancock has once again graciously given us charity bibs to use for the 2014 Boston Marathon on April 21.

Anyone who is interested in running with our team will need to fill out the application and submit a non-refundable $25 application fee. The deadline to apply is November 6, 2013. All applicants can expect to hear from us by November 15.

Runners who are selected to be on the our team will be required to raise a minimum of $7,500. This money will go towards the ARL’s efforts of helping animals who are suffering from cruelty, abandonment and neglect. To apply click the button below or follow this link:

We hope you’ll consider being on our team, together we are Boston Strong!

Apply Now



TODAY: Falmouth Road Race

Cheer for Our Runners!

BRECKMarathongtFrontThe Falmouth Road Race starts today at 10a.m., so look for our runners in the red shirts. Come show your support for our team! Our animal-loving runners include:

Start Info.:
Falmouth uses a wave-start system. The first two waves start at 10AM. At 10:04 the third wave starts at 10:10 the fourth wave starts. At 10:15 the fifth wave starts. Then at 10:20 the sixth wave starts. Wheelchair division race start is at 9:40AM.

Course Info.:
The race is seven miles long and begins in front of the Woods Hole Community Center, near the drawbridge on Water Street. The first three miles are narrow, hilly, winding tree-shaded roads, while the last four miles are open on the flat right next to Martha’s Vineyard Sound. A small steep hill lets you know that you are beginning the last half-mile of the race. Once you crest the hill it is “all downhill” to the finish.

We hope to see some friendly faces cheering on our runners today! 

Look For The Red T-Shirts

BRECKMarathongtFrontCheer On Our Boston Marathon Team: Look For The Red T-shirts!

Marathon Monday is just around the corner and we want to remind you to cheer on our dedicated runners! They will be wearing red shirts like the one Breck, our gorgeous model and League alum, is sporting. Our logo is on the front and the back of the t-shirt, so you can’t miss it. So far our team has raised over $35,000! If you’re in the crowd, show your support for their hard work! Our four runners and their numbers are listed below:

BreckMarathonTBill Tanguay # 23599

Maureen Doran #23600

Naomi Johnston #23601

Dr. Alett Mekkler #23602

Marathon Team Fundraiser A Success!

Thank you to everyone who attended Friday’s Boston Marathon Fundraiser at the Granary Tavern in Boston. The event was a huge success and over 200 people stopped by to show their support. Our Boston Marathon team has collectively raised over $30,000 and runners are still collecting donations. Remember that the money that the team raises goes towards helping shelter animals.

To support this year’s four runners and view their progress, please visit their fundraising page. You can donate online to the entire team or a specific runner.