Pet of the Week: LILY

lilyLily is a friendly rabbit who may be a little shy at first but warms up quickly to those who are patient with her. She enjoys being held and pet by people. She would do best as the only rabbit in the home. She’s been at our Boston shelter for quite a long time, as rabbits go (since February!) and she’d really love to hop into your life!

This beautiful rabbit is three years-old and her favorite things include: hay, soft bedding, veggies and attention from her human friends!

Please note that in order to adopt Lily, you need to bring a picture of the cage she will be housed in so that we can ensure it is adequate for her.

For more information on Lily or any of the other animals currently residing at our Boston shelter, please stop by or call us at 617.226.5602. The Animal Rescue League of Boston is open Tuesday through Thursday 1-7p.m. and Friday through Sunday 1-4p.m., excluding some holidays.

Hop On Over And Adopt A Rabbit


Tulip was recently adopted!

February is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month and we have a few rabbits waiting for a wonderful home at our Dedham Adoption Center. Rabbits can make great pets for the right people, meaning someone who doesn’t mind a pet that they’ll spend just as much time observing as handling. If you’re someone who isn’t looking for a pet that will require your constant attention, then a rabbit might be a good choice for you. They are very smart and make excellent pets for city dwellers.

Michelle Chandler, Assistant Director of the Annual Fund at the League and mom to 3 year-old Scofield said that “one of the benefits of having a rabbit in the city is that they are great apartment pets. They are quiet, low maintenance and do not take up much space. Also they are trainable – my rabbit is litter box trained so he can spend hours outside of his crate exploring the apartment.” Michelle also notes that “before allowing your rabbit to have free reign do make sure apartment is bunny proof – they love to chew – on everything including electrical cords.”



Mocha is one of several rabbits available for adoption at our Dedham Adoption center. She is a very sweet 1 year-old female Rhinelander mix. She was found as a stray and gave birth to 7 baby rabbits in the shelter! She was put in foster care while she nursed her babies and has been well socialized. She will be spayed before her adoption. If you are interested in adopting her please call the Dedham branch of the Animal Rescue League of Boston at (781) 326-0729 for more information or stop by the shelter to meet her!



Hans is currently the only rabbit at our Boston Adoption Center. He is a is a super sweet and friendly 1 year-old neutered male Dutch rabbit who was transferred to the League from another shelter. Stop by our Boston Adoption Center to meet him or give us a call at (617) 226-5602.

Adoption Spotlight: Meet Cookie

Cookie, a female White and Brown Shorthaired Rabbit, has been at the League’s Boston shelter since January.

She loves her salads and is not afraid to let it be known that they are her favorite. Cookie is a very lively rabbit and she hops around her cage all day love. She loves to play and welcomes visitors with a friendly sniff.

Cookie is still searching for her forever home. If you’d like to help her out, visit our Boston shelter this weekend and say hello!

Dust Bunnies in Adoption!

What are they?

That’s the question visitors to our Boston branch have been blurting out these days. The unsuspecting members of a local Girl Scout troop had a different reaction. When they spotted the creatures, they simply let out a collective scream.

But not to fear. It’s just Loofa and Popple, two Angora Giant rabbits.

These 7-month old gals have long, soft wool coats, which is why they’ve been mistaken for things like fuzzy slippers and pieces of shag carpet. They even have wool sprouting on their ears, a feature technically known as “fringing.” They each weigh in at about eight pounds, although their coats makes them appear larger. Basically, they’re half fluff.

There are a number of Angora breeds, which were originally developed for… you guessed it… their wool production. Some say they can trace their lineage back to Turkey, others say to ancient Rome. Still others contend that, based on their looks, outer space or a Dr. Seuss book is the likely origin of these bunnies.

The Wikipedia article on angora rabbits states that they’re active, playful and social. Loofa and Popple are no exception. Shelter staff would be happy to speak with prospective adopters about what diet, housing and grooming routine these luxurious ladies would need to keep them healthy and happy in a new home.

To learn more, feel free to contact Boston Adoption at