We Have The Best Volunteers!

This past week was volunteer appreciation week and we just wanted to say that the League has the best volunteers! We held a ceremony at each of our locations to acknowledge some volunteers who particularly stood out this year and we’d like to give them an extra shout-out here today. Thank you all for your commitment to animals and the League. We appreciate everything that you do!

Admin’s Above and Beyond – Amy Eisenman
ARL’s Unsung Hero – Deb Ratner 
ARL’s Unsung Hero – Amy Sutherland 
Best of Boston – Patty Brennan
Best of Boston – Christine Barton 
Dedham’s Most Dignified – Clarissa Woodman 
Mobile’s Most Marvelous- Margaret Wirth
Our Four Footed Friends Best Foster- Rose Hendrick 
The Cape’d Crusader – Vanessa Leslie-Gomez

Show Some Love To Your Local Animal Shelter

The week of November 4-10 is National Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week, here are some photos of a few of our fabulous staff members.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing shelter and rescue staff at all three of our branches. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping and protecting animals!

Ways you can show how much you appreciate the Animal Rescue League of Boston: