Double Your Fun With Sancho And Jack

photo (20)This dynamic duo is sure to bring some fun into your life. Sancho and Jack are a pair of DECLAWED male cats who are best buds. Jack is often a lap cat and Sancho (the grey and white one) is most comfortable sitting close to you. In his previous home, Sancho responded very positively to “kiss” sounds! Jack is described as being friendly with visitors right away. He enjoys a scratch behind the ear and being petted. Sancho can play a bit rough and was known to be scared of children in his previous home, so we think this pair would do best in a home with adults only or older children.

Here’s a little more about Sancho and Jack:

  • They are 7-year old neutered males.
  • Allergies are the reason they were surrendered to the Animal Rescue League of Boston.
  • They are very bonded to each other. 
  • Their favorite things are hanging out together, snacking on treats, and attention from people!

Sancho&JackManCaveIf you’d like to meet Sancho and Jack, you’ll find them hanging out in their very own “man cave” at our Boston Adoption Center. Want to learn more about them before stopping by, give our Animal Care & Adoption Agents a call at 617.426.9170!

Heidi and U-Haul Celebrate Adopt-A-Guinea Pig Month


Heidi (L) & U-Haul (R)

March is Adopt-A-Guinea Pig Month!  Most people assume that animal shelters only have cats and dogs, but here at the Animal Rescue League of Boston we have a knowledgeable staff and are able to accommodate a variety of animals including guinea pigs! Julie Morris, ASPCA senior vice president for National Shelter Outreach, designated March as Adopt-a-Rescued-Guinea Pig celebration month. “The idea behind the celebration month is to encourage future adopters to think of shelters and rescue groups first.” Between our three branches, we currently have 6 guinea pigs available for adoption, so if you’re thinking about getting a guinea pig, why not consider adopting one from the League?

U-Haul and Heidi are 3 year old female guinea pigs who were brought to the League because their owner was moving. They have lived together since they were babies and are best friends  As you can imagine they are very attached to each other and would like to go to their forever home together. They are well socialized, very friendly and like being held and petted. Will you help Heidi and U-Haul celebrate Adopt-A-Guinea Pig Month in  new home? Share this with anyone you know who’s thinking of getting a guinea pig! If you’re interested in adopting Heidi and U-Haul, stop by our Boston Adoption Center or give us a call at 617.426.9170.

A Custom-Made Pair

Bondeed CatsWere furtive glances exchanged across the adoption floor? Was there batting of eyelashes and flexing of muscles behind their cage doors? We’ll never know.

But when Faith, a shy, petite 6-year-old, and Slick, a chill and anything-but-petite 8-year-old, were adopted together last year, it was apparent from the start that these two cats were meant for each other.

They had another couple to thank for uniting them. John and Liz knew they wanted to adopt two cats. As John puts it, “We have a lot of love to give.” Faith’s glamour shot caught John’s eye. Liz also went web surfing and fell for Slick’s longhaired good looks.

SlickPhoto Credit: Christine Barton

Slick Photo Credit: Christine Barton

Both cats had gone through some hard times. Faith’s owner had too many cats to properly care for. Sadly, Slick’s owner became homeless and had to give him up. Since both had lived with other cats before, the match was promising.  What’s more, Faith had tested well in our weekly feline playgroup.

Once home, the two were renamed Nina and Tony, an homage to Liz’s Italian roots. After a few days of recommended separation, they met face to face. Little Nina sauntered up to Tony, who outweighs her by about ten pounds, and gave him a head butt.

A few days later, John spotted the two intertwined on his office chair. “They were in each other’s arms and it looked like a single cat.” The two have been inseparable ever since.

FaithPhoto Credit: Christine Barton

Photo Credit: Christine Barton

Some people are hesitant to adopt two cats for fear they won’t bond with their human companions. But that hasn’t been John’s experience. “This is the second pair I’ve lived with and each cat has bonded in their own way with me.”

For instance, Nina seeks out belly rubs and likes to plop Ping-Pong balls in front of Liz and John as an invitation to play. And Tony? “He loves lap time with both of us. He will sleep for hours without moving.”

If you’re considering creating your own custom-made pair like Tony and Nina or are looking for a companion for your cat at home, our staff and volunteers would be happy to help with recommendations, based on the cat’s history and behavior at the shelter, including its time in feline playgroup. We can also guide you through the process of introducing cats to each other.

Or if you’re in the market for a ready-made pair, we often have bonded cats who need to go home together. We currently have two bonded pairs available for adoption: BUTTERCUP and TIGGER and WATSON and SHERLOCK.

John and Liz couldn’t be happier with their feline pairing. “We love having them here. We feel so fortunate they are with us.”

There is one point of disagreement between Nina and Tony. Those Ping-Pong balls Nina likes to play with? Tony has no interest in them. “They just bounce off his big head if he gets in the middle of playing with us.”