See What ARL Rescue Does in 90 Mins or Less

NECN’s Ally Donnelly Reports: When Temps Drop ARL Suits Up

The New England Cable News Network (NECN) hopped on our Rescue Truck yesterday for an exciting afternoon of cold weather rescues.

In just under 90 minutes, a turkey with a broken wing from Malden, a swan frozen to the ice from Stoughton, and an abandoned cat found shivering on a farm in Dover were brought into the ARL.

With the recent abundance of cold weather snaps our Rescue Team has been extremely busy and we’re grateful to NECN for coming along for the ride and sharing the work of the ARL.

Watch Ally Donnelly’s report by clicking the video below!


01-29-14 NECN ARL Rescue Video Screenshot


Cat Reunited with Family After Two Years

Black Jack is Back with His Family Thanks to the ARL & His Microchip


Black Jack back with him mom.

Black Jack back with him mom.

On October 16 a women called our Dedham shelter looking to surrender a stray cat that she had found in her yard. She described that cat as very thin, stating that he seemed like he had been outside for a while. When she brought the cat into the ARL, he was immediately examined by our veterinarian and scanned for a microchip. We were happy to find that this stray kitty did have a microchip, but unfortunately the number was never registered.

After a little more investigating, our Dedham shelter staff discovered where the microchip had been shipped to and we were able to obtain the owners information that way.

Armed with the owner’s name and phone number we braced themselves for a dead end, but much to our surprise when the person picked up the phone, it turned out to be a match for the name of the person who had purchased the micro chip!

We explained that we are calling from the Animal Rescue League of Boston in Dedham, in regards to her cat, Black Jack. The owner was so caught off guard she dropped her phone. As soon as she picked it back up, she asked us to repeat what we had said. Again our shelter team member said, “we are calling in regards to your cat Black Jack.”

Before we could go on, the woman became emotional and asked if he was alive and okay. Apparently, when she had moved to her new place in Canton, Black Jack who was an indoor cat, had somehow escaped.

The best part of the story?! Black Jack is 16 years old and has been missing for two years!

Somehow in those two years, he managed to travel 25 miles from Canton, Ma to South Weymouth. We will never know what sorts of adventures Black Jack experienced in those two years, but we do know that thanks to his microchip and the investigative work of the ARL’s Dedham staff, Black Jack is back with his family!

When Black Jack’s mom came in to pick him up, she was overjoyed and a little worried that Black Jack wouldn’t recognize her, but Black Jack did not disappoint. When we brought Black Jack out she immediately embraced him in her arms and gave him kisses. She took one look at him and he put his head on her chest as if to say “Hi mom, I missed you.

If your pet is not microchipped, we can’t urge you enough to go to your local veterinarian and have him/her microchipped as soon as possible! Without the microchip, Black Jack would probably have never been reunited with his family.

Watch the emotional reunion below:


Philbert Update: Cat Lost Leg Due to Illegal Trap

Many of you have been asking for an update about Philbert. On June 28th we shared this brave cat’s story with you. He had been found caught in an illegal trap in Athol, MA. Thanks to our Rescue Team’s efforts and those of Athol Animal Control and the Foster Hospital for Small Animals at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, Philbert’s life was spared, however,  his leg did have to be amputated. We’d like to thank everyone who donated to help us with his care.

07-27 Philbert_ThumbPhilbert is recovering well – he’s affectionate, but prefers quiet interaction. We’re trying to create a home-like setting for him and are not keeping him in a cage. Philbert has hours of human companionship every day and is receiving excellent care.

We still have no leads on who set or owns the trap, so if you have any clues that could help us in our case please contact our Law Enforcement Department.

Reminder: Anyone who finds an empty trap is warned to not touch it, and asked to call your local police, animal control officer, or the Massachusetts Environmental Police at 800.632.8075 to report the trap. If you find a trap with an animal in it, contact the League’s Rescue Team at 617.426.9170.

Read Philbert’s story.

Oliver Twist’s Surprise Reunion with FedEx Driver

Last week we had a very special surprise for the good Samaritan who found Oliver Twist in Dorchester almost a month ago! 

We invited Jeff, the FedEx delivery man who called us about Oliver back on April 3, to come to our Boston shelter, so that we could honor him for his swifts actions that helped save Oliver’s life. What we didn’t tell him was that Oliver would be stopping by for a surprise visit! By that time Oliver had already been adopted, and Jeff thought that he would never have a chance to meet him. Oliver’s new adopters were in on the surprise and were delighted to have opportunity to meet the person who saved their pup’s life!

From Left to Right, Jeff (the FedEx driver) Oliver, and Kalani his adopter.
Oliver Twist gives a “thank you” kiss to the FedEx Driver who found him. From left to right: Jeff, Oliver Twist, and Kalani his adopter. Photo Credit: Peter Cross

Attention Pet Owners Living Within The Crime Scene Area

DSC_1982If you live within the several block area around the Copley Square area and cannot get to your home to take care of your animals please note that the City has established a protocol for reaching your pets:

Affected residents are to call the Mayor’s Hotline at (617)635-4500.  The Mayor’s office will take your name and address and arrange a meeting point for them to be escorted to their home.

If you do not have a secure pet carrier for cats or a leash for dogs at home you should bring one with you in order to be sure that your pet does not escape during the evacuation.  If you need a carrier or leash, please call our Rescue Google line for assistance, (657)777-2752 to secure one from us, OR stop by our Boston Shelter to pick up a carrier or leash from us.

Everyone Here Is Safe

Thank you to all who have expressed concern for our marathon runners, staff and animals. Please know that everyone is safe. Thank you for your outpouring of support for the League during this tough time in Boston. “We are all stunned and saddened by the horrible events of yesterday. As a community of humane, caring individuals we grieve for the senseless loss of life and personal injuries,” said League President, Mary Nee.

Our area of Boston has not been shut down and our animals are well cared for. While we are very saddened by yesterday’s events, our Boston shelter and Boston Veterinary Care will be open during normal business hours today. Our thoughts today are with everyone who was impacted by yesterday’s events.

It’s important to remember that in difficult times like this, the unconditional love and warmth from the animals in our lives can help comfort our deepest fears, and make the darkest day seem a little bit brighter.


The Kitten Found In A Garbage Can Has Been Adopted!

We are excited to share that Paisley, the kitten found in wrapped in plastic bags in a garbage can in Roxbury, has been adopted! Just over two weeks ago she had been abandoned and her fate was unknown. Thanks to a concerned 5-year-old girl, her life was saved. Now Paisley has a great, long life ahead of her. The best part is… she’s going to a home with two other ARL of Boston alums!

Congrats, Paisley! We wish you and your family all the best!


Shelter Dog Gets Hollywood Treatment

ThumbnailOn Saturday night one of our Animal Rescue League of Boston shelter dogs had a fairy tale evening. Wren, a 5-month-old pup, spent Saturday evening at the Wilbur Theatre with actor, comedian and animal lover Janeane Garofalo. From the moment that Wren stepped foot in the theatre she was treated like a star. The Wilbur staff showered her with affection. What’s incredible is that just two weeks ago, Wren was living a life of neglect, tied to an outside porch without food or water. She was very skinny and starved for attention. Despite her hardships, Wren is a very sweet dog and felt very comfortable in the arms of Janeane Garofalo. Janeane, a pit pull dog mom herself, said that if she could, she would gladly take Wren on the train back home with her! Janeane is a huge supporter of animal welfare organizations and a friend to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. She was even so kind as to discuss the work of the League in the first 5 minutes of her show.

Wren is currently waiting for her forever home at the League’s Boston branch. If you’re interested in meeting this sweet girl you can give us a call at 617.426.9170 or stop by our Boston Adoption Center!

A special thank you to Janeane Garofalo for her kindness to Wren and the League’s staff. Also a huge thank you to the wonderful people at The Wilbur Theatre (especially Bill and Taylor Blumenreich and Andrew Mather) for always being so supportive of the Animal Rescue League of Boston. We hope to see you all again soon, stop by the shelter any time for a tour!

Sherman Is Now Adoptable!

shermanSherman, the dog from from Needham who was saved by our Rescue Team on January 25 is now available for adoption. He is a very handsome and incredibly sweet and mellow 7 year old dog. We believe him to be a Mastiff/Lab mix, but your guess is as good as ours! (He is approximately 87 pounds and growing.)

Though he was in rough shape (significantly underweight) when he was originally brought to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, he is now on the road to recovery and doing quite well. Because he was outside for some time, he was covered in ticks, and has tested positive for Lyme disease. He is currently being treated for this, and we will be looking for a home that would be willing to foster him through his treatment until he is adoptable.

Behaviorally Sherman is a wonderful dog who would make a great addition to someone’s home. He is a mellow guy who would love to be a couch potato. He enjoys the company of other dogs, and seems to do fine with quiet well behaved children. We have not tested him with cats. He is great with handling, and no aggression issues were found.

*Please note: as Sherman has proven difficult to catch, he should never be an off leash dog, and his new owners should be knowledgeable about avoiding situations in which he can get loose. 

Currently Sherman is up to date on all vaccines, and has had a health exam. Due to his age and being found as a stray, we have had blood work done on him which has come back normal. He will be neutered and micro chipped before going home. His adoption fee is $205.00. If you’re interested in adopting Sherman please visit our Dedham Adoption Center.

Lil’ Nugget: The Story of an ARLB Foster Kitten (Part I)

Lil' Nugget yesterday in his new foster home with his bff, hippo. Photo Credit: Maria Uribe

Lil’ Nugget yesterday in his new foster home with his bff, hippo. Photo Credit: Maria U.

Being a kitten without a home is tough, and it’s even tougher when you aren’t feeling well, your belly is empty and you just want to snuggle under a warm blanket and take a nap. Foster parents like Maria allow the Animal Rescue League of Boston to reach outside of the brick and mortar of our shelter and provide kittens with a warm and loving place for them to grow big and strong until they are ready to become available for adoption.

“LIL’ NUGGET” is a four-week-old kitten who came to the League after being surrendered by his owner last week. There were just too many cats in the house, and Lil’ Nugget was sick. But his former owner knew that we could provide the loving care he needed, and that he would find his forever home through us. For the next four weeks, we’re going to follow Lil’ Nugget through his time in foster care.

Lil' Nugget after he first arrived at the ARL.

Lil’ Nugget after he first arrived at the ARL of Boston.

Upon his arrival this little kitten received a medical evaluation, some food to fill his belly and a name! On Friday evening he went to his foster home with one of our fabulous foster parents and League volunteers, Maria. He’ll stay there until he’s 8-weeks-old.

Maria described him as “a little bit shy, but is learning to know us and getting more used to his foster home.” The kitten is currently in isolation (meaning he has his own room!) because he has a respiratory infection, which is highly contagious and could be passed on to his foster sibling if contact is made. Lil’ Nugget is receiving medicine every day and, after 5 days, should be ready to leave isolation.

Lil' Nugget snuggling in his new bed.

Lil’ Nugget snuggling in his new bed.

The good news is that Lil’ Nugget has a healthy appetite and is eating all of his food. He loves his wet food and is slowly being introduced to dry food. Maria says that her other cat is “very curious about the ‘new family member,’ I am sure she is waiting for him to come out so they can play together.”

Check back to our blog next Tuesday for an update on Lil’ Nugget’s progress!