A Merry Mutt and Her “Happy Tail”

Daisy & her owner, Tammy at Singing Beach

Happy belated 15th birthday to Daisy!

This sweet ARL alum was adopted in October of 1998 from the League’s old branch in Salem. Here’s what Daisy’s owner had to share with us:

“I adopted Daisy in October 1998 at the League’s old branch in Salem.  She appeared to be a whippet/lab mix with boundless energy.  At 11 months old, she was all black, with an angel-shaped white patch on her chest and white splotches on her paws.  She came with her name, which seemed to fit her, so I kept it.  Daisy has been the best dog a human could ever ask for.  She loves to go for walks and rides, and she is happiest when she’s lounging in the sunshine in her back yard. We celebrated her 15th birthday in November 2012 with a romp on Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea. 

I organize a social group for dogs and their owners called Merry Mutts Meetup of the North Shore (www.meetup.com/merrymutts).  Since its inception in 2007, Daisy and I have led more than 200 events, including three bowling fundraisers for the ARL.  Initially the group’s doggy leader, Daisy is now more of the senior stateswoman.  She doesn’t hear too well anymore, and she experiences occasional arthritis in her hind quarters, but she’s still quite spry for her age.  Everyone who meets Daisy loves her sweet disposition and often comments on her happy, dainty prance.  It is because of the Animal Rescue League that Daisy and I found each other.  I don’t know how much longer she will be with me, but I count every day with her as a blessing.  Thank you, ARL!”