This Dog Is Thankful For You

A one-eyed dog receives a sight saving eye surgery and a new way to see the world.

Athena, a loving 1.5-year-old female dog, was transferred to the Animal Rescue League of Boston from a shelter in Vermont, because they could not afford her eye surgery. She came to us with only one eye, which had a partially detached retina and was in pretty bad shape. Due to the fact that it was detached and would continue to worsen, Athena was a candidate for laser eye surgery. She was taken for surgery to Rhode Island where veterinarians performed a procedure that essentially repaired the retina, keeping it in place to prevent it from worsening.

After the surgery Athena was brought back to the League for rehabilitation. Our staff lovingly cared for her while she recovered and administered her medication as her eye healed. Shortly after her surgery, Athena had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Willis who volunteers her time with the League. Though she has been doing extraordinarily well, Athena will have to be on eye medication indefinitely. She was transferred to our Brewster branch and should become available for adoption shortly.

Thanks to this laser eye surgery Athena is able to see the world! This loving and energetic dog has so much ahead of her and looks forward to her bright future. She loves to play and enjoys snacks and treats!

Without you we wouldn’t be able to provide life changing care for animals like Athena. We can’t thank you enough for your generous support. If you’re able, you can contribute to the Animal Rescue League of Boston today right here.  Your support helps us provide treatment and care for animals that makes them more adoptable. THANK YOU!