Thank You Thursday: New Bedding for ARL Shelter Pets

Our Shelter Pets Received Great Donations this Week Thanks to Some Very Caring Folks

07-17-14 Kitten Bedding Donation

A kitten hangs out on some of Janice’s new beds.

Our shelter pets have had some nifty new bedding, treats, toys and other accessories thanks to several awesome donations earlier this week!

Janice Caporrella of Everett, MA who has been making a variety of cat and dog beds for us from scrap fabric and materials provided by:

  • North Parish Quilters
  • Yankee Quilters
  • Emma’s Quilt Cupboard
  • Quilter’s Common

Over the last 6 or 7 months we have been provided with more than 100 beds thanks to Janice her quilting friends!

On Saturday, Lisa and her mother (Barbara, pictured on the right) came in to our Boston shelter and made a large donation of treats, toys, bedding, bowls, etc. They’re members of a group called Blankets & Bowls which collects donations for local animal shelters.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to Janice, Lisa and Barbara for their generous donations to the ARL’s shelter pets. Comfort and enrichment are so important to animals during their stay at any animal shelter and we’re very grateful for donations like these.

If you’d like to donate supplies to our Boston shelter view our Amazon wishlist.

Barbara (r) with one of our shelter agents and volunteers on Saturday.

Barbara (r) with one of our shelter agents and volunteers on Saturday.



Thank You Thursday: Facebook Status Sparks Generous Donation

Boxes of Pup-Peroni & Blankets All the Way from Jersey

02-20-14 ThankYouThusDonationPicA few weeks ago we put out a call for Pup-Peroni (great for dog training) and our usual request of towels, blankets and poop bags and were completely overwhelmed by the generosity of one person in particular.

Rachel, an ARL volunteers, shared the Boston shelter’s Facebook status requesting these items. Out of nowhere, all of these boxes, pictured right, showed up at her office. They were filled with goodies for the shelter, completely unexpected. Sami, a former co-worker of hers who now lives in New Jersey, had seen the ARL’s request on Rachel’s timeline and surprised her by shipping several boxes of much needed items for our shelter.

According to Rachel, Sami had a dog many years ago, but because he travels a lot for work, he’s not in a position to have one right now. It’s obvious to us all that he’s a huge animal lover and is making a difference for animals in need.

Rachel said “he’s a pretty great guy, so genuine and obviously very, very generous. I’m so thankful to him for this gift. It’s simply amazing.”

Even when you can’t make a donation, simply by sharing the ARL’s status or photo, you could help animals just like Rachel and her friend did. You never know, who will see and feel moved to make a donation.

Thank you Rachel and Sami for being such fantastic supporters of shelter animals!


Never Forget the Compassion and Kindness

Twelve years ago today, something terrible happened.

Three planes purposely crashed into buildings.  One crashed into a field.


Two of the buildings fell down and a large portion of the other instantly crumbled as millions watched helpless and shocked on TV.

Still, even after so many years, it’s not just the sounds and images of these terrible things that have stayed with us.

The actions of first responders who headed into the burning Pentagon and World Trade Center buildings in the hopes of rescuing people, along with the many stories of strangers helping strangers to escape or cope with serious injury or loss still amaze and astound.

People helping other people as an instant gut reaction to a survival situation and horrendous tragedy are such pure acts of compassion and kindness, they deserve a day of reverence and reflection.

Of course, people helping people was not the only story of that day.

So many animals—from police dogs to seeing-eye dogs, from search and rescue dogs to family pets who gave those who lost a friend, fiancé, or family member on September 11 a reason to keep going—all displayed similar acts of pure compassion and kindness.

Whether they were operating in the line of duty or how they had been trained, rescue dogs rushed into burning buildings without hesitation along side their first responder partners.

They stood by their people, one loyally guiding her blind owner and his co-workers down over 1000 steps through the dark to safety.

After the buildings fell, they literally had their noses to the ground day and night searching for survivors.

In the weeks that followed, companion animals also helped people heal.

They licked tear-covered faces in the morning to ask for breakfast and a walk.

They snuggled and purred in laps.

They chirped cheerful greetings when their owners came through the door.

They didn’t bolt or run.  They didn’t hide or cower.  In big and small ways, animals helped us respond, recover, and move on.

At the Animal Rescue League of Boston, we feel privileged to be part of the process of animals saving people—literally and figuratively—all the time.

So on this day of reverence and reflection, we’re remembering each and every one of the pure, true, and incredibly inspiring acts of compassion and kindness that came out of that terrible day.

Lil’ Nugget: The Story of an ARLB Foster Kitten (Part II)

Lil' Nugget Week II

Lil’ Nugget. Photo Credit: Maria L. Uribe

It’s been a good week for Lil’ Nugget. Last week he was a little under the weather. He was struggling with a respiratory infection and had to be in isolation on a strict medical regimen. Today he’s off his meds, out of isolation and his eyes are crystal clear. Now this shy little guy begins the process of socialization! 

His foster mom, Maria, sent us an update last night and said that “he has started to explore around the house. He climbed 2 stairs for the first time yesterday.” He’s as curious as any kitten. Now that Lil’ Nugget is healthy he needs to start working on his people skills. Maria will work on getting him to become less timid. She explains that he “still needs socializing, because he is very shy, but getting better every day.” Physical contact is one of the best ways to get him to come out of his shell. Maria will be spending the next few weeks holding and petting Lil’ Nugget, playing with him, introducing him to her own cat and helping him become more comfortable with people. Check back next Tuesday for an update on Lil’ Nugget and find out how he gets along with his foster sibling!

Missed last week’s post about Lil’ Nugget? Catch up on his story now!

Boy Can’t Wait to Become ARL Volunteer

Nevin & his awesome hand-drawn poster!

Nevin can’t wait to become a volunteer with the Animal Rescue League of Boston. When he found out that he was still too young to volunteer with us he decided to help animals in another way. Nevin went around to all of his neighbors asking for towels, sheets, and toys for the needy animals at our Boston Adoption Center. Recently, Nevin, his mom, his big brother and their new puppy (an ARL alum!) visited us to drop-off Nevin’s donation. Not only had he raised important items for the animals here, but he even raised some money for them! Nevin shared his love for animals with his awesome “I <3 Animals” poster that he made for us! After making his donation, Nevin and his family were given a special behind-the-scenes tour of our Boston Adoption Center.

From all of the animals here at the shelter “Thank you, Nevin!”

Nevin and his donations, along with his pup and ARL staff member, Keegan.

Girls Make a Difference in the Lives of Shelter Animals

Becca (L) and Emily (R) and their donations.

A heartfelt “thank you” to  Becca Davis and Emily Marget for their generosity to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Yesterday these two girls stopped by League headquarters to drop off an sizable donation for all of our shelter animals. You might remember their names from a post back in the beginning of August, where we wrote about how Becca and Emily helped to bring attention to Senate bill 682.

Becca, Emily and Abraham (a shelter dog)

As part of their bat mitzvah social justice project, these two 12-year-olds have not only brought awareness to the bill, but they’ve also raised over $700 for the League and to top it off, yesterday they brought an abundance of toys, towels (much needed), treats and other goodies for the shelter animals here in Boston. It is clear that these girls have a passion for helping animals and we, along with all of the animals at the shelter, are so thankful for all of their help.