Your Dog’s Been Hit by a Car. What Do You Do Now?

Foxy was Hit by a Car and Her Family Had Fallen on Hard Times

photo 1Every Tuesday leading up to GivingTuesday on December 3, we’ll be sharing with you a touching story of a family who got the special gift of love and time thanks to the Alice T. Whitney Helping Hand Fund and supporters like you. We’re starting with Foxy, a four-year-old Chihuahua who was hit by a car.

Candace was getting Foxy ready to go out for her morning walk. Foxy, hearing the jingle of the leash, was excitedly bouncing around Candace’s legs. Candace’s son, not knowing Foxy’s leash was unsecured, opened the front door to head to work. In Foxy’s excitement, she dashed out the door and into the busy street.

They called out to Foxy in a panic, but it was too late. Foxy was hit by an oncoming car while her family watched helplessly. At a mere 6 pounds, it’s a miracle that the impact of the collision did not kill her instantly.

Candace and her son sprinted to Foxy – she lay whimpering in pain, unable to use her hind legs and struggling to get up. Being as gentle as possible, they lifted her injured body into their car and rushed her to the nearby animal hospital.

They arrived; hopeful that Foxy’s pain would soon be eased, but instead were faced with an impossible decision. The emergency surgery that Foxy needed to survive was going to cost $4,000 and Candace did not have the money to pay the bill.

The only other option that was offered to her was to humanely euthanize her companion, which was unthinkable.

Unfortunately, Candace had fallen on hard times and was living on a very strict budget. Frantically trying to figure out what to do, a friend referred her to Boston Veterinary Care, the veterinary clinic at the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

When Candace called the ARL, her prayers were answered. ARL staff informed her that she qualified for the Alice T. Whitney Fund.

After several lengthy surgeries and countless days of medical treatment and rehabilitation, Foxy was reunited with Candace. Although it was hard for her to be apart from her best friend for so long, Candice is forever grateful that Foxy was given a second chance.

Please mark you calendar and remember to give to the Alice T. Whitney Helping Hand Fund on December 3 for #GivingTuesday.

Your donation will help animals like Foxy and people like Candace – in times when they need it the most.

Learn more about #GivingTuesday and the Alice T. Whitney Helping Hand Fund:

Because of the generous people who donate to the Alice T. Whitney Fund, Foxy is with us today! Please give on #GivingTuesday.

Because of the generous people who donate to the Alice T. Whitney Fund, Foxy is with us today! Please give on #GivingTuesday.


Audrey and Griff Scarves to Benefit the League

JanetsPupJanet and her beloved rescue dog Audrey (adopted from the Dedham shelter in 2004) are thrilled to report that they will be making their first public appearance! Please join them at Elissa’s Creative Warehouse, 220 Reservoir St., Needham Heights, Saturday, June 1, as they celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day! Janet will be selling AUDREY AND GRIFF SCARVES to benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston, as well as selling the yarn (with the pattern included) so that you can make your own! Creative Warehouse will be holding their Spring Cleaning Sale, with excellent deals on sale yarns and the entire store is 20% off, so it’s a great time to stock up and support a worthy cause! Look for them outside in the tent.


We Have The Best Volunteers!

This past week was volunteer appreciation week and we just wanted to say that the League has the best volunteers! We held a ceremony at each of our locations to acknowledge some volunteers who particularly stood out this year and we’d like to give them an extra shout-out here today. Thank you all for your commitment to animals and the League. We appreciate everything that you do!

Admin’s Above and Beyond – Amy Eisenman
ARL’s Unsung Hero – Deb Ratner 
ARL’s Unsung Hero – Amy Sutherland 
Best of Boston – Patty Brennan
Best of Boston – Christine Barton 
Dedham’s Most Dignified – Clarissa Woodman 
Mobile’s Most Marvelous- Margaret Wirth
Our Four Footed Friends Best Foster- Rose Hendrick 
The Cape’d Crusader – Vanessa Leslie-Gomez

1 Person, 286 Cats And Kittens!

rose & henry maxwelOn March 19, Rose Hendricks celebrated her 11 year anniversary of being a foster parent at the Animal Rescue League of Boston! Her first foster was “Zippy”, a big orange cat with a broken hip that needed cage rest 6 weeks. Since then Rose has fostered 286 cats and kittens! Thanks to amazing foster parents like Rose, the League to take in hundreds more animals than we would be able to otherwise.

After so many years of fostering, Rose still loves it! “There’s so much I love about fostering, first is the feeling that you are really helping the cats in need: they’ve been surrendered or were found as strays and put into a cage in a room surrounded by other cats, probably very frightened, and I can give them a warm, quiet loving home with lots of food, space and toys. They are able to thrive in this environment. I feel like I’m really making a difference in their lives” said Rose. “Every time I get a call to pick up a new cat or kitten it’s like Christmas – getting a wonderful surprise. I also enjoy observing their behavior – I sometimes feel like I’m a researcher observing animals in the wild, because I’ve been exposed to so many interesting feline personalities. And who wouldn’t love being able to play with kittens all the time? I feel so lucky!”

Thank you, Rose! We so appreciate the work of foster parents like YOU!

Becoming a foster parent for the Animal Rescue League of Boston is one of the most important ways you can help the animals in our care. Our shelters in Boston, Brewster and Dedham are always in need of great foster parents.

Become a Champion for Animals!


You can help keep the Animal Rescue League of Boston‘s shelter animals happy and healthy by joining the Champions Circle, a monthly donor program.

League Champion Circle members provide a consistent, reliable income stream and make an impact on the lives of our shelter animal’s, like Lance pictured here, for as little as cents a day.

For under $25 a month, you could fund the purchase of food for one shelter animal for the entire year!

Our shelter animals need people that they can rely on every month. Will you be one of those people?

Signing up is fast and easy – click here to set up a monthly donation on your credit card, or call Michelle Chandler, Assistant Director of the Annual Fund, at 617-226-5638.

Piggy Bank For Shelter Animals

Reilly sporting her "GIVE A DOG A HOME! ADOPT." t-shirt and petting one of our shelter cats held by Keegan.

Reilly sporting her “GIVE A DOG A HOME! ADOPT.” t-shirt and petting one of our shelter cats held by Keegan.

A few weeks ago, 9-year-old Reilly from Leominster, MA sent us a letter with a cash donation from her piggy bank. She was so excited to donate all of the money that she had saved up to help animals. Reilly has several of her own rescue animals at home. Last week we surprised her with a tour of our Boston Adoption Center. Reilly had a blast during her behind-the-scenes tour and even sported an awesome “GIVE A DOG A HOME! ADOPT.” t-shirt for the occasion. Reilly loves all animals and wants to help as many as she can. Every few months she sends us a donation from her piggy bank. Reilly from all of our staff and animals here at the Animal Rescue League of Boston “THANK YOU!” Keep up the good work. Your four-footed-friends appreciate it!

Reilly's Letter

Reilly’s Letter

Jonathan’s Bar Mitzvah Project Helps Animals At The ARL


Jonathan sitting among all of the items that he donated to the League.

When Jonathan thought about what he wanted to do for his Bar Mitzvah project he thought about what he really loves in life and the first two things that came to mind were baseball and his dog. That’s when Jonathan decided that he wanted to make a difference in the lives of other dogs and animals that are less fortunate than his pup. Jonathan reached out to the Animal Rescue League of Boston and asked for our Wish List, which he included on the poster that he’s holding above and fliers. The giant poster that you see was hung on the front door of his house and fliers were hung in various locations throughout his neighborhood including his Temple and accompanied by donation baskets. Jonathan rode his bike around his neighborhood asking for donations for the League.

Jonathan's "tickets" included the League's Logo and a picture of his dog, a Shephard/Lab mix.

Jonathan’s “tickets” included the League’s Logo and a picture of his dog, a Shephard/Lab mix.

At his Bar Mitzvah the table centerpieces, one of which he is holding above, were filled with treats, toys and other goodies for animals of all kind. On top of all of the items that he donated, Jonathan was able to raise money for our shelter animals as well.

Thank you, Jonathan for choosing the Animal Rescue League of Boston as your charity of choice and for choosing to make a difference in the lives of animals!