Senior ARL Alums, Puff and Frances, Make A Move

Puff & Frances

Puff & Frances

Senior cats make amazing pets. Just ask Robyn who adopted Puff and Frances from the Animal Rescue League of Boston in December of 2010. Both cats were 12-years-old at the time of their adoption. The good-looking duo recently moved to Arlington, Virginia. They handled the move in stride and have settled into their new home without a hitch. Robyn said that “both [cats] are extremely affectionate and very well-behaved (for the most part) and I am so lucky to have them.” These two kitties were very popular among staff and volunteers during their time here at our Boston Adoption Center and we all loved them. We are so happy to see that they have such an awesome home. Puff and Frances are super affectionate and love their human companion they have learned to share Robyn, i.e. Puff sleeps with her at night, and Frances gets to lie in Robyn’s lap when she’s on the couch watching TV! These fabulous felines must be living the good life, because they don’t look a day over 5! Wishing Puff, Frances and Robyn all the best in 2013!



If you’re interested in adopting a senior cat 12-year-old Mittens and 10-year-old Honey are waiting for their forever homes at our Cape Cod shelter in Brewster. The Adoption Center is open Tuesday-Sunday.

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11 Years Old And Still The Cat’s Meow

SpockPhotoSPOCK has been waiting patiently for his forever family since early November! This handsome neutered male cat is 11-years-young and is the epitome of a lap cat.

Spock was brought to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, because his owners moved and couldn’t take him with them. He has been tested in our Feline Play Group and did very well, so he will likely do well in a home that already has a cat.

Spock CollageHere’s some more info about Spock:

  • Spock enjoys relaxing in a warm spot with his human friends.
  • He loves being petted, especially under the chin!
  • He’s been declawed, which means he must remain indoors, because he now has limited defenses against the outdoor elements. If you’ve been looking for a declawed cat, then look no further.
  • He makes pricless facial expressions.
  • He may be 11 but he acts like he’s 6!

If you’re looking for a loving, gentle and relaxed lap cat to cuddle with you on a cold winter evening then Spock is the cat for you. Stop by our Boston Adoption Center Tuesday- Sunday and visit with him. If you want to learn more about Spock you can also call our Boston Adoption Center at  (617) 426-9170. Once you meet Spock you’re sure to fall in love!


Feline Focus: A Cat Who Laughs

LaughingLe-Lo…Well, we don’t really know if he’s laughing, but it sure looks like he is!

On this “Meow Monday” we’d like to share the “Happy Tail” of Animal Rescue League of Boston alum Lee-Lo who was adopted from our Boston Adoption Center in September. Here’s what his new mom had to say about him:

“I would like to share with you this unusual photo of Lee-Lo, my wonderful one-year, four-month old Lilac Point Siamese cross whom I adopted from ARL on September 25, 2012.  I have many many great shots of his adorable self but this one is a fave because it looks for all the world as if he’s laughing!



He is such a mischievous scamp — more like four months than a year plus four!  I call him the Cat Without Boundaries…he’s indoor-only, of course, but even within my one-bedroom Beacon Hill apartment he’s so curious and athletic that I’m continually amazed at the places he can get to, it’s a good thing I’m a patient soul with a good sense of humor!  He brings so much joy to my life!

After Toby, my previous love of a cat, died at age 15 in July 2011, I doubted I’d ever stop grieving long enough to let another little dude into my heart, but magically, thanks to ARL, it did happen…and I am l really looking forward to the holidays and getting a Christmas tree and seeing how long it takes Lee-Lo to climb to the top!” Annie, Boston

Annie, thank you for sharing an update on Lee-Lo, we are so happy that he found a wonderful home where he can flourish and be himself!

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