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ARL Shares Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt an Adult Dog

If you’ve considered adding a canine companion to your family, there’s no better time than NOW to ADOPT! October is National Adopt-a-Dog Month and the ARL has many adult dogs looking for their forever homes!

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Meet Coretta, an extra sweet 3-year-young mixed breed who would love an active home to call her own! Click her photo to learn more about her.

Many potential adopters visit animal shelters looking for a puppy. While puppies are absolutely adorable, they are also very energetic and their personalities, likes, and dislikes are still emerging.

That’s why adopting an adult dog can be a great decision for you and your family! (Hint: At ARL shelters, adult dogs are 1 year and older.)

When you come into ARL’s shelters in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham, our knowledgeable adoption agents will ask you about what you’re looking for in a dog in terms of energy level, personality, and compatibility with children and other pets.

It won’t take long for you to realize that one of the biggest perks of adopting an adult dog is that what you see, is what you get.

Adult dogs have passed their critical development stages, so you’ll get a good idea of whether or not their personality and energy level is the right fit for your home. They may also be an easier introduction info the family, as puppies can be fragile and act quite timid in an already active household.

Not yet convinced? The ARL’s shares top 5 reasons why you should adopt an adult dog this October:

  1. You’ll save a life. When you adopt, you actually save two lives: the life of the dog that you adopted, and the life of the dog that is going to take its place at the shelter. Your new pet will thank you again and again for being their hero with slobbery kisses!
  2. You’ll meet your perfect canine companion. At the ARL, each dog is thoroughly evaluated to assess their medical history and overall temperament. They are then given a customized behavioral and enrichment plan to prepare them for life in their future home. All this information will be presented to you at the time of the potential adoption so that you and your family members can decide if the dog you’re interested in is the right match for you.
  3. You’ll find variety. If you have your mind set on a dog of a particular breed or temperament, chances are that one of ARL’s shelters will  have what you’re looking for! Various purebreds and mixed breeds come into our shelter at any given time, so we always have new dogs available! Don’t see a canine that catches your eye? Keep checking our list of current adoptables, as it changes every day!
  4. You’ll save money. Every adoptable dog at the ARL receives the following included in their adoption fee: health screening and veterinary examination; spay or neuter services; vaccinations; heartworm test and preventative; flea and tick treatment; intestinal parasite scan; microchip identification and registration; tag and collar.
  5. You’ll be doing something especially kind for animals in need. Adult dogs usually stay at our shelters much longer than puppies do. That’s why shelters usually charge a smaller adoption fee for adult dogs- to incentivize people to adopt them!

To meet our adoptable dogs, stop by our adoption centers in BostonBrewster, and Dedham on Tuesdays – Sundays from 1pm – 6:30pm. If you meet the dog of your dreams, in most cases you can take him or her home with you the same day!



A Mastiff Relief for Titan!

Big and Lovable Lovable Dog thriving after surgery

donations for titan

Titan, 6-year-old Mastiff, needed a $2,000 surgery to remove and test a large tumor in his abdomen.

During a routine neuter surgery,  our shelter veterinarian discovered shelter dog Titan had a large mass in his abdomen.  X-rays confirmed the 6-year-old big and loveable Mastiff had a tumor.

According to ARL shelter veterinarian Dr. Erin Doyle, about 50% of this type of tumor are benign and the other 50% are cancerous.  Sadly, dogs with the cancerous-type of tumor have a 6-month life expectancy after the tumor is removed without additional medical intervention.

Titan needed a $2,000 surgery to immediately remove the tumor and test for cancer.  The ARL moved quickly to get Titan the medical care and testing he needed.

Titan’s goofy grin and happy-go-lucky personality had quickly warmed the hearts of everyone at the shelter.  Everyone was hoping for the best when he underwent surgery a week later.

Thankfully, we got what we were hoping for!

Titan's adoption day

A recovering Titan (Mastiff on the right) post-surgery posing for a photo with his new family on his adoption day!

“Titan’s tumor ended up being a very rare type of benign kidney tumor,” happily reported Dr. Doyle.  “Now that the tumor has been removed, Titan should be able to go on to live a normal life.”

With the tumor gone,  Titan was cured and medically-cleared for adoption. He went home with a new family shortly after surgery and by all reports is doing better than ever!

Would you like to help Titan and other animals like him?

Only with your support can dogs like Titan get emergency medical assistance when they need it most.

The ARL doesn’t receive any government funding and relies solely on the generosity of supporters like you to provide veterinary care and treatment for shelter animals who have no one else to turn to for help when they’re sick or injured.

MAKE YOUR DONATION GO FARTHER NOW!  The Alice T. Whitney Helping Hands Fund will generously match your donation today dollar for dollar!

Please visit arlboston/ or click the button below to make a donation to help pay for the care and treatment of Titan and other animals like him.

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Oliver Twist, Adopted!

We’re starting this Saturday off with some wonderful news! Oliver Twist has found the perfect home! When he first came to the League he was in very rough shape. His journey has been tough and we have no way of knowing everything that that he’s been through, but we do know that this playful puppy has gone to a fabulous home! Finally, he’ll have a chance to experience what being a puppy is all about with a family that loves him!


Staff members give Oliver one last hug before he goes home with his new family!

Update: Oliver Twist To Go Home Soon Thanks To YOU!


Oliver Twist, the severely neglected puppy found in Dorchester by a FedEx delivery man, has been making excellent progress over these last two and a half weeks! He has been following a strict progressive re-feeding schedule and is filling out nicely. As you can see from the photo above, he looks MUCH better than he did the day he came in. Despite being a victim of animal cruelty, Oliver is a happy and playful puppy who LOVES attention from his human pals. 


Thanks to your support and donations we were able to give Oliver the care he so desperately needed! We were amazed by how quickly you all responded on Facebook and Twitter, sharing his story and donating online. You helped save this puppy!

We’re are thrilled to share that he’ll be going home with his new family by the end of the week!

UPDATE: Severely Neglected Puppy Found

04-03/2013 UPDATE On Oliver The Severely Neglected Puppy

Oliver receives a bath.

Oliver receives a bath.

Oliver’s condition has stabilized. He spent the night at our Boston shelter and was treated for a skin infection. He is on a progressive re-feeding schedule and is eating on his own. He’s also getting lots of love and attention from our staff. For now, we do not know how long his road to recovery will take.

Please consider a gift to help Oliver today!

As you can imagine, there has been a great deal of interest in Oliver, and there is already a long list of potential adopters. Please call our adoption line to speak with an adoption agent about putting your name on the list or feel free to visit our website to see all of the amazing dogs we currently have available for adoption! Your support is much appreciated.

04-03/2013 Breaking News: Severely Neglected Puppy Found

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is requesting your help regarding the severe neglect and abuse experienced by a 5-6 month-old puppy found shivering in Dorchester late this morning by a FedEx driver. The League’s Rescue Service Team responded and found the dog, who has been named Oliver Twist.


The frail puppy approached our Rescue team when they called to him as if he knew they were there to help. Due to the severity of Oliver’s condition they rushed him to the League’s Boston shelter for immediate medical attention.

Oliver is severely emaciated – lacking fat and muscle, his bones jut through his skin. On the Purina body condition scale in which 9 is obese and 1 is extremely emaciated – Oliver scored less than 1. In addition, Oliver was covered is his own urine and feces, had overgrown nails and was diagnosed with a bacterial infection.

Oliver1We need your help! If anyone has any information regarding the severe neglect and cruelty toward Oliver please call our Anti-Cruelty Law Enforcement Department at 617.226.5610.

“April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, and this case is a perfect example of why we must come together as a community to prevent abuse of helpless animals,” said League President Mary Nee.

Please consider a gift to help Oliver today!

Our rescue and law enforcement teams receive no government funding – We rely entirely on the support of people like you.

With your help, the Animal Rescue League of Boston can end animal cruelty, abandonment and neglect. This is a large promise but it has been our mission since 1899.

Our promise-we will put your dollars to work immediately to end the suffering of animals like Oliver.

Shelter Dog Gets Hollywood Treatment

ThumbnailOn Saturday night one of our Animal Rescue League of Boston shelter dogs had a fairy tale evening. Wren, a 5-month-old pup, spent Saturday evening at the Wilbur Theatre with actor, comedian and animal lover Janeane Garofalo. From the moment that Wren stepped foot in the theatre she was treated like a star. The Wilbur staff showered her with affection. What’s incredible is that just two weeks ago, Wren was living a life of neglect, tied to an outside porch without food or water. She was very skinny and starved for attention. Despite her hardships, Wren is a very sweet dog and felt very comfortable in the arms of Janeane Garofalo. Janeane, a pit pull dog mom herself, said that if she could, she would gladly take Wren on the train back home with her! Janeane is a huge supporter of animal welfare organizations and a friend to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. She was even so kind as to discuss the work of the League in the first 5 minutes of her show.

Wren is currently waiting for her forever home at the League’s Boston branch. If you’re interested in meeting this sweet girl you can give us a call at 617.426.9170 or stop by our Boston Adoption Center!

A special thank you to Janeane Garofalo for her kindness to Wren and the League’s staff. Also a huge thank you to the wonderful people at The Wilbur Theatre (especially Bill and Taylor Blumenreich and Andrew Mather) for always being so supportive of the Animal Rescue League of Boston. We hope to see you all again soon, stop by the shelter any time for a tour!

Sandy Needs You

SandyMeet Sandy …

She is approximately 7-years-old and is a Chow Chow mix. She has been a stray for the past year or so, and came to us in need of love and care. With some serious TLC, nutritious food and a warm and comfortable bed, Sandy has grown more confident and relaxed around us everyday. She’s a smart girl and knows “sit,” “down” and “paw.”

She would do best in a quieter home with older children, and maybe with another quiet dog. Sandy is a mellow girl who loves her squeaky toys and going for walks around the neighborhood.

Due to her extended time outside without proper care, Sandy tested positive for heartworm. We are hoping to find someone willing to foster-to-adopt until she completes her round of treatment with our veterinarians.

Do you have room in your heart and home for Sandy? Please contact us at  617-226-5602 or by email at

Stray Dog Finally Gets A Second Chance

SandyBlogImagine being homeless for over a year, especially in the freezing cold weather we’ve had recently. 7-year-old Sandy had been a stray for the past year or so, and was recently saved by our Rescue Team. She came to us in pretty bad shape. She was missing a lot of fur, (you can see that the fur on her tail has yet to grow back) and she was fearful of people, but with some TLC, regular meals, and a warm place to sleep, Sandy is in much better shape and improving daily! She would do best in a quieter home with older children, and maybe another quiet dog. She enjoys attention and being petted. Sandy loves to play with squeaky toys and going for walks. She already knows “sit,” “down” and “paw.”

Due to her extended time outside without proper care, Sandy tested positive for heart worm. She will be sent home as a foster to adopt until she completes her round of treatment. If you are interested in adopting Sandy please call our Boston Adoption Center at 617-226-5602 or stop by and meet her! If you’d like to make a donation to help Sandy and other animals like her you can do that too!

The People’s Choice For Best In Show Is…


The people have spoken and Diesel was shown the most love in our “Best In Show” Rescue Dog contest! This will be an extra special Valentine’s Day for Diesel. This sweet pup had been at our Boston Adoption Center since Christmas Eve and was just moved to our Brewster Adoption Shelter in hopes that someone will adopt him there. The staff at our Brewster shelter just sent us the photo below of Diesel in his new Valentine’s Day gift, a red jacket to keep him nice and warm!

Diesel’s ideal home is one where he will be the only dog. He loves the attention of his human companions and needs someone who will give him the time he deserves, after all, he’s been through a lot. He’ll do best in an adult home without any children. He is undergoing an evaluation this afternoon and will be available for adoption tomorrow. If you are interested in adopting Diesel please visit him at our Brewster shelter or give them at call at (508) 255-1030.

diesel 035

The League’s Best In Show

In the spirit of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which is wrapping up today in New York City, the Animal Rescue League of Boston is featuring our very own finalists for “Best In Show” highlighting our favorite breed, “Rescue!” All of the dogs below are available for adoption. To learn more about each dog, click on his/her photo.

We’re letting you choose who is the overall “Best In Show.” To vote for your favorite, write his or her name in the “Comments” section below.

We’ll announce which dog got the most love on February 14!MrJinglesbanner