Nothing’s Better Than a Home for the Holidays

Featuring Animals Who Need a Home & Those Who’ve Already Found One

This is the time of year when everyone at the ARL especially wants to give the animals in our care the opportunity to experience joy and companionship.  After all, it’s what the holidays are all about.

With that in mind, today we kick off “Home for the Holidays,” a month-long community outreach campaign to encourage adoption and support for our shelter animals.

We’ll feature stories on our blog about animals rescued from cruel conditions, now recovered and living happy and healthy lives.

Mike a 10-month-old guinea pig.

Mike a 1-year-old guinea pig.

We will also share the stories of the many deserving animals available for adoption at our adoption centers in Boston, Dedham, and Brewster.  Animals like Mike, a cute as can be guinea pig who’s been at the ARL since October 15. He’s great with kids and just an all-around stand-out guinea pig!

Our biggest holiday wish is to help the animals in our care and individuals and families willing to open their hearts to an animal in need find each other now.

Each of our adoption centers also has a holiday wish list of items and supplies that help make our furry, feathered and hoofed friends in our adoption centers feel comfortable and loved during their stay with us.  You can download and share the holiday wish list for each shelter at:

The happiest part of the work we do all year is bringing animals like Mike and people together.  Every year the organization unites over 3,000 deserving animals with loving human companions.  Another 1,100 find foster homes with dedicated ARL volunteers, too.

We look forward to sharing stories, pictures, and videos this month to help the animals in our care find a home for the holidays!


Most Famous Goat in MA’s History Gives Birth

It’s two does and a buck born happy and healthy at the ARL’s Dedham Adoption Center

Serephina (the mom goat) right after she was rescued.

Seraphina (the mom goat) shortly after she was rescued.

Remember this little lady who roamed Billerica, MA back in August peering into office windows and prancing through backyards?  She even had her own hashtag on Twitter as folks around town snapped pictures and shared sighting locations when she made several unscheduled appearances.

Once the ARL’s Rescue Team got the call though, her end-of-summer walkabout was cut short.  The team swiftly and humanely rescued her and transported her safely to our Dedham Adoption Center.

Caregivers in Dedham soon realized they’d inadvertently cut short her babymoon, that one last vacation many expecting parents try squeeze in before welcoming a little bundle of joy.

Or, as in this goat’s case, three little bundles.

After several weeks of pampering, Seraphina gave birth to two does and a buck—a.k.a., two girls and a boy—last Sunday. The goats have been named after the characters from Three’s Company, Jack, Chrissy and Janet!

At their mother’s insistence, the little goats remain totally unaware of her notoriety.  They do, however, have some sense that they are totally adorable.

After at least eight weeks with mom, this threesome has a home waiting for them and, according to our Dedham adoption center, there’s some good prospects for their mother too.  After all, who wouldn’t want a goat who has her own hashtag?

11-14 Billerica Goat Baby Photo


Middleboro Puppies Update: Getting Stronger Every Day

They’re Playing Through the Day and Sleeping Through the Night

We’ve promised to give you regular updates on the Middleboro Puppies who were rescued during a drug and weapons raid on a home in Middleboro, MA back on October 3, so here’s a little something on how they’re doing. They’ve been in the care of ARL foster parents for almost a month now and are making enormous progress. One of our foster parents shared this little tidbit about her foster pups whom she has lovingly named Franny and Ollie.

Franny is much smaller than her brother…but she is very rambunctious and usually in charge.  She likes to chat (and has the cutest little bark) and she also likes to follow us everywhere and cuddle up on your lap the minute you sit down.  She loves food and she loves playing hard and napping hard with her brother.

Ollie is just the sweetest puppy.  His beautiful eyes just melt your heart.  He is very gentle and calm for a puppy (I don’t think that we have ever heard him bark) and he is SO interested in people…and cats.  He is also very smart…very good with the food puzzles.

They both sleep through the night very well.  They love to play with sticks and chase each other in circles in our backyard.  It’s amazing in three weeks how much they have grown and thrived from the condition they were in when rescued.  It really makes Jon and I grateful for all the components of the League that make outcomes like this possible. They are amazing little pups that are going to make wonderful companions and bring immense joy to their future adopters!” ~ Amelia Hughes

When the puppies arrived at the ARL they were in terrible condition. All the the puppies were emaciated and dehydrated, covered in feces and riddled with worms. You can imagine how grateful we are to have a network of foster parents who care for these little guys and gals until they are healthy and strong enough to be adopted. The puppies still have a way to go and are not yet available for adoption, but we’ll let you know as soon as they are!

Read their story:

Franny and Ollie play outside in the leaves.

Franny and Ollie play outside in the leaves in their adorable sweaters. Photo Credit: Amelia Hughes


Moving Weekend, Donate What You Don’t Need

Don’t Know What to do With Those Extra Towels? We’ll Take ‘Em!

As we kick-off the busiest moving weekend in Massachusetts we encourage you to think about what you can donate to local organizations as you pack and prepare to move. We can all agree that packing might we the worst part of moving, so if you’re getting rid of any of the items listed below, *please donate them to our Boston or Dedham shelters.

dog on towelsThere are a few things that we ALWAYS need at our shelters:

  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Comforters
  • Pet beds
  • Pet toys
  • Pet bowls
  • Pet carriers
  • Dish and laundry detergent

On behalf of all of our shelter animals that use these items every day, “thank you!”

Animal Rescue League of Boston
10 Chandler Street
Boston, MA 02116

Close to the Orange line, Green line and Silver line.
Easy access from I-90 and I-93.

*Please make sure that all items are washed and clean before donating. Thank you!



Five Maltese Dogs Who Need Your Help

Five very special guests at our Boston shelter can all use your help.

08-29 Maltese TWO

Photo Credit: Maria L. Uribe

As reported in the MetroWest Daily News today, Marlborough Animal Control removed five Maltese dogs from the home where they were staying due to unsanitary conditions.

The dogs were filthy and appeared thin and dehydrated, so were taken to Foster Hospital for Small Animals at the Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine for evaluation. Because their fur was so matted and caked in urine and feces, they had to be shaved before they were returned to Marlborough Animal Control.

Later in the week, the dogs were delivered to us for continued care and treatment of a wide range of medical issues.

Everything we do for these dogs—from rescue to shelter and veterinary services—is with one goal in mind:  to help them get better and find loving homes.  And it’s only through the generosity of supporters like you that we can provide this kind of comprehensive assistance to animals in need.

Please visit or click the button below to make a donation to help us pay for the care and treatment of these dogs and others like them.

Donate Today

In spite of the terrible living conditions from where they came just a short time ago, all the members of this Fab Five are doing amazingly well—sweet as can be  and eager for love and attention.

They do all have medical concerns that will require veterinary attention and monitoring in the future, but as of this morning are all available for adoption!

Visit for more information and the address of our Boston shelter.

ONE Photo: Maria L. Uribe

Photo Credit: Maria L. Uribe

THREE Photo Credit: Maria L. Uribe

Photo Credit: Maria L. Uribe


FOUR Photo Credit: Maria L. Uribe

Photo Credit: Maria L. Uribe






Charlie Was a Sad Sight When He First Arrived

Charlie was a sad sight when he first walked through the doors here. He was severely matted and was covered in fleas. The staff here immediately jumped into action bathing him and shaving the mats off of him. Once Charlie was freed from his discomfort his personality really had the opportunity to shine through!

Charlie is very food motivated and can pick up new tricks very quickly. He loves to hang out and just be by your side 24/7. He is very good for the groomer and given his state when he first arrived, he will definitely need to be brought to a groomer 3-4 times a year to keep him feeling and looking good. Charlie does have his diva moments from time to time so we do not suggest him going to a home with younger children. If you looking for an office buddy or maybe even a movie date then Charlie CornChip is defiantly your guy.

If you are interested in Charlie or any of his other friends please feel free to visit the Dedham shelter Tuesday – Sunday 1:00p.m. – 6:30p.m. or call us with any questions at 781-326-0729.


A Princess Waits for Chance to Shine

Adorable senior dog alert!

07-03 Princess for PostPrincess is not your typical senior dog, she’s an active and fun loving eight year old rat terrier mix.

She was surrendered by an elderly woman who unfortunately could not take care of her anymore. Princess enjoys playing with other dogs during our morning playgroup and would likely do well living with another dog or visiting a dog park on a regular basis. Two of her favorite things are sitting in your lap and going on long walks.

Princess can be a little shy at first but once she warms up she is very sweet. She would do best in a home without children because she doesn’t like to share and she may be fearful of new situations and people. After over 100 days  here, the shelter has become a little stressful for Princess, so we’ve moved her into a quieter kennel in the back of our shelter. If you plan on stopping by to meet her give us a call first at (617) 426-9170, or when you arrive at our Boston shelter let our adoption agents know that you’re here for Princess!

If you’re looking for an affectionate companion, Princess just might be the dog for you! Please help this wonderful senior dog find a home, because she deserves to live out her golden years as royalty! 

By adopting Princess you’re rescuing an amazing dog and helping the League reach our goal of finding homes for 1200 cats and dogs this summer!


Paws for Celebration on Cape Cod is 1 Week Away!


Pucker up, friends! The kissing booth will be back at this year’s third annual “Paws for Celebration!” The day-long festival includes a fundraising dog walk through downtown Orleans, entertainment, shopping, a silent auction, contests and loads of free goodies for the pups… all proceeds will benefit our Cape Cod shelter in Brewster!

Event highlights include:

  • Contests – Dog/Owner Look-A-Like, Waggiest Tail and more!
  • Raffle! Click here to see the prizes you could win!
  • Face painting, photo booth and caricature artist
  • Police K9 unit demonstration and Frisbee dog show
  • Shopping with pet retailers and other vendors
  • Mini spa treatments for dogs
  • Free giveaways
  • Book signings

Create your personal fundraising page online today to start collecting pledges. Form walk teams with friends, family and co-workers. The first 350 people to register online or at the event will receive a free Paws for Celebration 2013 T-shirt!

We hope to see you and your pooches in our photo kissing booth on the 22!

Click here to register for the event!

Pet of the Week: LILY

lilyLily is a friendly rabbit who may be a little shy at first but warms up quickly to those who are patient with her. She enjoys being held and pet by people. She would do best as the only rabbit in the home. She’s been at our Boston shelter for quite a long time, as rabbits go (since February!) and she’d really love to hop into your life!

This beautiful rabbit is three years-old and her favorite things include: hay, soft bedding, veggies and attention from her human friends!

Please note that in order to adopt Lily, you need to bring a picture of the cage she will be housed in so that we can ensure it is adequate for her.

For more information on Lily or any of the other animals currently residing at our Boston shelter, please stop by or call us at 617.226.5602. The Animal Rescue League of Boston is open Tuesday through Thursday 1-7p.m. and Friday through Sunday 1-4p.m., excluding some holidays.