Cat Saved Just Before The Storm

dorchestercatintreeA stray cat was found stuck in a tree in Dorchester yesterday and with the impending winter storm our Rescue Team knew that they had to work fast to get the cat to safety! Working swiftly, Danielle, one of our Senior Rescue Technicians, got up to the cat’s level and was able to entice him with some cat food. After some coaxing she was able to extract the stray cat from the tree without incident and the cat is now warm and cozy at our headquarters in Boston’s South End. The video below shows the “TAIL” end of the rescue. Brian O’Connor, manager of Animal Rescue Services, says “the ride down is the fun part for us, especially when you’ve just rescued an animal in need of our help.” Though the cat wasn’t thrilled with being put in a carrier, he is doing fine now thanks to our talented Rescue Team!