Baby Alert! Mini-Donkey Gives Birth to Healthy Baby

Mini-Donkey Rescued from Illegal Ludlow Petting Zoo Gives Birth in New Home

Baby Alice

Baby Alice

Yesterday morning Loretta, a mini-donkey who was adopted from our Dedham shelter on March 24, gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The birth went perfectly and did not need any intervention. Both mom and baby, now named Alice, are doing well!

According to Alyssa Kane, one of our Dedham shelter agents, “this baby is quite possibly the cutest thing you’ll see in a long time!”

Congrats to the new mom and her adopters.

We are very excited to report that Loretta and Alice will be staying together! They live on a beautiful farm where mom and baby will get to foster their beautiful mother-daughter bond.

06-03-14 Loretta & Baby Donkey

Loretta is one of 35 animals that the ARL, together with MSPCA-Angell, rescued from an illegal traveling petting zoo in Ludlow, Massachusetts back in February.

Read the full story about the rescue.

Most of the animals found permanent homes, but we still have three animals at our Dedham barn from that rescue who are waiting patiently for someone to adopt them.

Ross – a pony, Phoebe – a pony, and Chandler – a goat, are all hopeful that someone will adopt them soon! You can learn more about all of them on our adoptable animals page.


Most Famous Goat in MA’s History Gives Birth

It’s two does and a buck born happy and healthy at the ARL’s Dedham Adoption Center

Serephina (the mom goat) right after she was rescued.

Seraphina (the mom goat) shortly after she was rescued.

Remember this little lady who roamed Billerica, MA back in August peering into office windows and prancing through backyards?  She even had her own hashtag on Twitter as folks around town snapped pictures and shared sighting locations when she made several unscheduled appearances.

Once the ARL’s Rescue Team got the call though, her end-of-summer walkabout was cut short.  The team swiftly and humanely rescued her and transported her safely to our Dedham Adoption Center.

Caregivers in Dedham soon realized they’d inadvertently cut short her babymoon, that one last vacation many expecting parents try squeeze in before welcoming a little bundle of joy.

Or, as in this goat’s case, three little bundles.

After several weeks of pampering, Seraphina gave birth to two does and a buck—a.k.a., two girls and a boy—last Sunday. The goats have been named after the characters from Three’s Company, Jack, Chrissy and Janet!

At their mother’s insistence, the little goats remain totally unaware of her notoriety.  They do, however, have some sense that they are totally adorable.

After at least eight weeks with mom, this threesome has a home waiting for them and, according to our Dedham adoption center, there’s some good prospects for their mother too.  After all, who wouldn’t want a goat who has her own hashtag?

11-14 Billerica Goat Baby Photo

Paisely, The Kitten, And Girl Who Found Her Reunite

Myra for blog

Myra, Paisley and Naomi (Boston shelter supervisor)

Many of you have been asking for an update about Paisley, the kitten found wrapped in two plastic bags in a garbage can in Roxbury. Well, we have something even better for you!

We invited Myra, the 5 year-old girl who heard the kitten crying and alerted her mom who called the League, for a special tour of our Boston shelter and a surprise reunion with Paisley! Paisley has been in foster care for the past two weeks and has grown and filled out. Myra was so excited to see Paisley again and was thrilled to hear that she has already been adopted and will be going to her forever home very soon.

On her tour Myra got to see all of the animals at our shelter, meet our Rescue Team, and she received a special “thank you” from our Director of the Center for Animal Protection, Lt. Alan Borgal.

Thank you Myra for being mature beyond your years and for caring about animals so much!

Keep up the great work. You are a star!

Myra & Paisley

Myra & Paisley

Lil’ Nugget: The Story of an ARLB Foster Kitten (Part II)

Lil' Nugget Week II

Lil’ Nugget. Photo Credit: Maria L. Uribe

It’s been a good week for Lil’ Nugget. Last week he was a little under the weather. He was struggling with a respiratory infection and had to be in isolation on a strict medical regimen. Today he’s off his meds, out of isolation and his eyes are crystal clear. Now this shy little guy begins the process of socialization! 

His foster mom, Maria, sent us an update last night and said that “he has started to explore around the house. He climbed 2 stairs for the first time yesterday.” He’s as curious as any kitten. Now that Lil’ Nugget is healthy he needs to start working on his people skills. Maria will work on getting him to become less timid. She explains that he “still needs socializing, because he is very shy, but getting better every day.” Physical contact is one of the best ways to get him to come out of his shell. Maria will be spending the next few weeks holding and petting Lil’ Nugget, playing with him, introducing him to her own cat and helping him become more comfortable with people. Check back next Tuesday for an update on Lil’ Nugget and find out how he gets along with his foster sibling!

Missed last week’s post about Lil’ Nugget? Catch up on his story now!

We Need Your Help on Giving Tuesday

Help animals like little Zeva, today.

It’s easy to get caught-up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but it’s important to take a moment to give back to the charities that you hold near and dear to you. We wouldn’t be able to save, rescue and protect animals without the generous support of donors like you.

Today the Animal Rescue League of Boston has joined with Giving Tuesday to transform how people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season. As we approach the end of the year your support is urgently needed. 

We understand that times are difficult and not everyone can make a donation, so the League is asking that you give back to animals in one of two ways this holiday season:

1) Take a pledge to spend 10 extra minutes with your pet each day starting today. This may mean waking up 10 minutes early and playing with your cat before leaving for work, extending your dog’s walk by 10 minutes, or letting your rabbit out of his hutch for 10 minutes more than usual. Tweet us your pledge today!

2) Donate to help animals that are less fortunate this holiday season. You can do this by purchasing an ornament for your pet for our Holiday Tree or by giving directly to the League at

Everyone knows “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday.” This year, Giving Tuesday takes its place in the calendar, and will help put giving back into the holiday season.