Winter Weather Schedule Updates

Check here for weather-related closures and delays at the ARL

winter closure

ARL adoptable dog MILO may be the only Bostonian left who still loves the snow! He’s pictured above after a snowy pleasure roll.

Planning a trip to one of the ARL’s shelters or programs today?  Please check the schedule below for information about closures and delayed openings.


Boston – Our adoption center is closed to the public on Tuesday, February 10, so staff can focus on animal care.

Dedham – Our adoption center is closer to the public on Tuesday, February 10, so staff can focus on animal care.

Brewster – Open as scheduled, 10 am – 4 pm.


Delayed opening – BVC will open at 12 pm today to allow staff additional travel time.


Closed – please contact the Spay Waggin’s scheduling office at for rescheduling information, at (877) 590-7729 or

SPECIAL THANKS to our shelter and facilities management staff for working through the storm to care for the animals!

For helpful winter weather pet health and safety information, please visit


Super Pets Are Here!

So many reasons to adopt from the Animal Rescue League of Boston

PringleBringing an animal into your home and making them a part of your family is a very special event indeed. In fact, some of the happiest work we do at the Animal Rescue League of Boston is helping you find a super pet!

The ARL finds homes for about 3,000 animals every year, including cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, ferrets, cows, sheep, horses, snakes, and lizards. We take in animals from a variety of circumstances, but a large portion are responsibly surrendered to us because of “people-related” reasons—their owners were moving, had no time because of a job or life change, or suddenly became sick or financially unable to care for their pets.

Animals like Pringle (pictured upper right), Cupid (pictured middle right), and Peach and Rosalina (pictured bottom center), all have big hearts with lots of love, loyalty, and good company to give to human companions—day and night!

When you adopt from a shelter, you’ll feel good about giving an animal a chance at a better life. And not just one animal – when you take your new pet home with you, the ARL can take in another at one of our shelters.

cupidIn addition to those fantastic feelings of helping a fellow living thing in need, you can also rest assured that, before they go to a new home, every adoptable animal at the ARL receives:

  • Spay/neuter services
  • Health screening and veterinary examination
  • Behavior screening and evaluations
  • Vaccinations
  • Flea, tick and mite treatment
  • Feline Leukemia test for cats/Heartworm test and preventive medication for dogs
  • Microchip identification and registration

With the help of the dedicated staff at our animal shelters in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham, you can learn more about whether a particular animal you meet at our shelter is a good pet-match for you before you bring them home.

Search adoptable animals at our shelters

Already adopted a super pet from the ARL or another animal rescue group?  We want to hear from you!

Post a picture and share the story of your super rescue pet on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #ARLSuperpets. Once a week, we’ll pick a winner from all the entries to receive a super pet prize.

Every picture and story you share helps spread the word about just how super rescue pets can be.

Stay tuned for more super pets stories, news, and pets of the week this summer!

peach & rosalina



May is National Pet Month

Celebrate the Many Benefits of Having a Pet in Your Life

05-13-14 National Pet Month_Dawn & CatMay is National Pet Month, and this special reminder gives us a chance to think about all the compelling reasons to share your life with a companion animal.

Bringing a pet into your life can have lasting health benefits for both you, and the animal you have chosen to love.  Research shows that pets can lower our heart rate and blood pressure, increase our tendency to exercise, improve our overall mood, and help us manage the stress in our lives.

Pet care can teach children important lessons in responsibility, accountability, and even time management.  Registered therapy dogs can assuage feelings of loneliness in nursing home patients and help children with developmental disabilities learn to read.  The list goes on and on: pets are good for us!

05-13-14 National Pet Month_Boy & Pig

If you’re thinking about adopting a pert, we hope you’ll come by one of our shelters in Boston, Brewster or Dedham! We always have plenty of amazing animals just waiting for a human companion to call their own.

Adopting a pet from a reputable shelter will provide a needy animal with a safe, happy, and healthy home.

Ultimately, when you adopt you’re saving two lives: your new pet’s and that of the animal who takes his/her place in the shelter, and in return, if we note all of the benefits listed above, you just might be saving yours in the process!

Visit to find your new pet!


Animal Rescue League of Boston To Host Take Me Home Today Adoptathon August 31

Simultaneous pet adoption events at the League’s Boston, Dedham, and Brewster shelters in end-of-summer push to save lives

Boston, MA – On Saturday, August 31, the Animal Rescue League of Boston will wind down the dog-days of summer with the Take Me Home Today Adoptathon at all three of its shelter locations in Boston, Dedham, and Brewster.

Featuring extended hours, extra staff, door prizes for all pet adopters and more, these fun public events also have a higher purpose: to help find homes for 400 cats and dogs.

“One of our driving priorities is to save more lives,” explains Mary Nee, President of the Animal Rescue League of Boston.  “In addition to finding loving homes for the animals in our care, we want to help more people experience the amazing love and devotion of a shelter pet.”

The Adoptathon is also part of the League’s participation in the 2013 ASPCA Rachael Ray Challenge, a nationwide competition among 50 shelters to increase pet adoptions and qualify for critical grant money for programs and services.

To win the Challenge, the League has from June 1 to August 31 to find homes for 1200 cats and dogs.  To date, the League’s shelters have found forever homes for about 800 pets and have seen an increase in summertime adoptions.

Because the League receives no government funding and relies solely on the generosity of supporters, Nee says adopting a cat or dog from one of the League’s shelters on August 31 will make a big difference in the lives of animals in need: “Not only will you save the life of the pet you adopt, but you also save the one that will take its place in the shelter, along with countless others that will benefit from the veterinary care and rescue services Challenge grant money will help us fund.”

DSC_1227Animal Rescue League of Boston shelter locations and Adoptathon hours are as follows:

  • Boston: 10 Chandler Street, Boston, MA, 11:00 am- 8:00 pm
  • Brewster: 3981 Main St (Rte 6A), Brewster, MA, 11:00 am- 6:00 pm
  • Dedham: 55 Anna’s Place, Dedham, MA, 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm

For more information about the cats and dogs available for adoption, visit

 media contact

Download Event Flyer


TOMORROW: Pet Adoption Event in Mansfield

Mansfield, We’re Bringing Our Adoptable Animals To You

We’re holding a mobile adoption event at the Petco in Mansfield tomorrow. Help us reach our goal of finding homes for 1200 cats and dogs by August 31 by adopting from us. We’re coming to you to make it easier for everyone! Even if you can’t adopt, feel free to stop by and say “hi.” We always enjoy meeting animal lovers everywhere we go!

Mansfield Petco
280 School Street
Mansfield,MA 02048

Fees Waived for Adult Cats Starting Now

 Sponsored Adoption for Cats Over 5 Years

We currently have 15 cats over five-years-old available for adoption and most of them have been here for over a month. Now here’s the good news, thanks to an incredibly generous donor the fees for all 15 cats have been waived! We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the donor who stepped up to the plate to help our older cats.

With so many kittens and young adult cats at our shelters, our older cats really need some time in the spotlight. With this promotion we hope to highlight the beauty of adopting a fabulous adult feline.

Maryann Regan, Director of Shelter operations at the Animal Rescue League of Boston says, “There are many reasons as to why you should consider adopting an adult pet. For the most part, older pets have passed their critical development stages. Therefore, the personality you see is the personality you get.” Maryann goes on to say that “This might help an adopter make a successful match for his or her lifestyle. For example, senior animals can be calmer and perhaps better trained than their spunky, younger counterparts.”

View our adoptable cats online or stop by our Boston or Brewster shelters and we’ll help you find the purrrfect match! 07-12AdoptableOlderCats

Feline Focus: How to Choose the Right Companion Cat


Reggie, adoptable at our Boston shelter.

Living in a multi-cat household can be extremely rewarding. Contrary to popular belief, cats are highly social creatures that benefit from feline companionship. Cats will often play together, groom each other, and give each other much-needed socialization. So if you’re considering adopting a new feline pal, here are some tips for finding the “purrfect” match:

A New Cat or a Companion Cat?

It is important to know the reason why you’re looking to adopt a new cat. Is the cat for you, or is it a friend for your resident cat? If the former, then the cats only have to tolerate each other and be able to share territory peacefully. If the latter, then you’re looking for a cat who will be interacting with and getting along with your resident cat. If that is the case, then whichever feline you choose must be a good match for your cat, with your own preferences coming in second.

Kitten or Adult?

Age isn’t so important. It’s often thought to be easier to integrate a kitten into a household simply because they are less threatening to a resident cat than an adult. However, there are plenty of adult cats who would make great companions, and because feline personality doesn’t begin to solidify until a cat is about 8 months old, it is easier to make a good match with an adult.

The most important thing is to match energy level/playfulness and personality. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How energetic is my cat? How often does he/she need to play?
  2. What type of play does my cat like? Is he/she very athletic, or more mellow during playtime?
  3. Is my cat outgoing or shy?
  4. Has my cat had previous experience living with or meeting other cats? How has he/she reacted?

For older, less playful cats, a kitten might not be the best choice. Kittens are in constant motion and might aggravate a mellower cat. A kitten might also not do well with an extremely active resident cat who could accidentally hurt a kitten during play.

Male or Female?

With spayed and neutered pets, certain pairings are easier, in general, to integrate. In order:

  • Male/Male companionship is the easiest
  • Male/Female is intermediate
  • Female/Female is more difficult

Female cats can sometimes be more territorial with each other than (neutered) male cats. However, there are always exceptions. There are female cats who come into the shelter who are wonderful with other cats, and there are males who refuse to like other cats, so always ask a staff member or volunteer about a particular cat you’re interested in!

At the Adoption Center

When you’re adopting a companion cat, it’s important to let a volunteer or staff person know about your resident feline. We’re happy to help you pick out the best match and we know our cats pretty well!

For instance, every Monday in our Boston adoption center, we have cat playgroup in which we test our cats’ compatibility with each other. We then place them into groups depending on their interactions (such as, Group 1 for cats who like other cats and love to play, and Group 2 for cats who like other cats but are more mellow). We also often have information on cats from previous owners.

Making your home a multi-cat home can be a great experience, and can add enrichment and socialization for your resident cat. But for the best chance of success it’s important to make a good match.

Oliver Twist, Adopted!

We’re starting this Saturday off with some wonderful news! Oliver Twist has found the perfect home! When he first came to the League he was in very rough shape. His journey has been tough and we have no way of knowing everything that that he’s been through, but we do know that this playful puppy has gone to a fabulous home! Finally, he’ll have a chance to experience what being a puppy is all about with a family that loves him!


Staff members give Oliver one last hug before he goes home with his new family!

The Kitten Found In A Garbage Can Has Been Adopted!

We are excited to share that Paisley, the kitten found in wrapped in plastic bags in a garbage can in Roxbury, has been adopted! Just over two weeks ago she had been abandoned and her fate was unknown. Thanks to a concerned 5-year-old girl, her life was saved. Now Paisley has a great, long life ahead of her. The best part is… she’s going to a home with two other ARL of Boston alums!

Congrats, Paisley! We wish you and your family all the best!


Gwen Stefani Finds The Perfect Match


Our staff says goodbye to Gwen Stefani. Photo Credit: Allison Evans

Where would we be in life if it weren’t for second chances? When Gwen Stefani walked through our doors in March of 2012 we knew there was something special about this pretty girl. She had been found in Saugus as a stray, tied to a post. Though we didn’t know her full history, we could see that she was a very sweet and very sensitive dog. She had been with us for several months and had spent some time in a foster home until she was adopted in July of 2012. We we very happy that she had found a great home, but in the end it wasn’t a match. Gwen is a good dog, they were good people, but because they had an active household, and Gwen has a really sensitive personality she was not able to thrive there. And so in January of this year she came back.

Prior to her 2012 adoption she had spent several months in foster care with the CSD’s Dr. D’Arpino. Living with other dogs and a young child allowed her to alleviate the stress of her long term stay at the shelter. When she returned to our shelter in January we immediately started a kennel destress program with her since we were familiar with her anxiety issues and she spent most days upstairs in Dr. D’Arpino’s office where she felt comfortable.

gwen2Our volunteers and staff all loved taking photos of Gwennie and Gwen soon became a regular on our Facebook Page and Instagram. Last week we received a call from someone who was interested in adopting Gwen Stefani. When Silvana originally saw Gwen on our website, she instantly fell in love with her. Since she’s also a fan of Gwen Stefani, Silvana thought it was a sign that it was really meant to be! Silvana and her boyfriend first came in last week and met with Gwen while she was upstairs in office foster. Even though Gwen can be a little fearful of men, she went right up to both Silvana and David (her boyfriend) to say hi and tried to get them to play with her. Aimee, one of our Adoption Agents took them outside to the yard for a bit more space and Gwen was running side by side with David off leash. They came in again with David’s son and he got along great with Gwen. We knew that Gwen had found her forever home! She went home yesterday with her new family!

It’s been a just over a year since Gwen first stepped through our doors and we’ve all grown to love her so much. We are thrilled that she has finally found the perfect match! Rock on Gwen Stefani!

If you would like to help us continue helping animals like Gwen find the perfect match, you can donate today.

Gwen tries to go for a walk with her teddy bear. Photo Credit: Hannah Kahler

Gwen tries to go for a walk with her teddy bear. Photo Credit: Hannah Kahler