ARL Rescue Services On the Scene – Relocates Two Families of Geese

ARL Rescue Services helps geese families get back to nature

Spring is the start of baby bird season—and a busy time for animal rescue as bird parents sometimes choose unsafe places to bring their new babies in Greater Boston!

Last week, ARL Rescue Services was called in to help two separate families of geese from their temporary urban nests back to the river bank.


Danielle Genter, senior rescue technician, carefully approaches the baby gosling who had slipped off onto a second-floor ledge.

In Brighton: News station WGBH called the ARL after a family of Canada geese had made refuge on a small patch of grass on their building’s roof.  One of the baby goslings had slipped off onto a second-floor ledge and was desperately trying to make his way back up to his family.

On the scene, ARL Rescue Services rescued the fallen baby bird and proceeded to wrangle up the mother goose and her other two goslings to move them to safety. The father goose wasn’t all that accepting of the idea his family needed to move and put up the biggest struggle.

ARL’s Danielle Genter told WGBH reporters, “There’s only certain circumstances where we can move healthy wildlife… On a roof where they don’t have access to food – this would be one of those circumstances.”

Read about their dramatic rescue, as seen on

geese rescues

Mama and baby patiently await rescue from our Rescue Services team

In Boston: Just a few miles down the road, another family of geese was making quite a spectacle at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. ARL Rescue Services made their way to the scene after being notified that four goslings had hatched.

Over the last month, the mother and father geese gained quite a fan base as they made their nest in an empty concrete planter near a parking garage on West campus. In an effort to keep the geese and their un-hatched eggs safe, Beth Israel had thoroughly roped off the area with caution signs warning people to keep a safe distance.

“They kind of became mascots, and people took a lot of interest in them,” said Brendan Raftery, the hospital’s maintenance supervisor. “They became quite the thing here.”

Once all four hatchlings were born safely, ARL was called in to relocate the entire family. Although hospital staff was sad to see the geese go, they felt better knowing they were safe in their new home along the river bank.

Read about this adorable rescue, as seen on

DID YOU KNOW? Not all baby birds found alone or on the ground are in distress. To determine whether or not to intervene, follow this helpful flow chart.


Spring Into Action Shelter Fund Drive Ends May 30!

Help us raise $2,000 in the next 5 days to help shelter animals this summer!

Summer is the busiest season in our shelters in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham.  You can help even more animals get the immediate care and assistance they need to lead a happy and health life in a new home when you donate during the ARL’s Spring Into Action Shelter Fund Drive.

The Logan and Lucy Rescue Fund for Shelter Animals has challenged us to triple a $5,000 donation and raise $15,000 in three weeks for our shelters in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham. With just five days left, we still need to raise another $2,000 to meet this inspiring goal!

Myrtle ARL shelter fund drive

Myrtle is loving life in her new home after going through eye surgery at the ARL.

The ARL does not receive any government or public funding, so shelter animals count on supporters like you to get the care they need and find a new home!

Click here to watch a video about the animals your donations help support!

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As a special thank you for your donation…

  • Donate $50 or more and enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card
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*Certificate valid Monday through Thursday, and until 6PM on Friday.

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the Logan and Lucy Rescue Fund for Shelter Animals, the anonymous donor of the $50 Amazon gift card, Loews Boston Hotel, Da Vinci Ristorante, and everyone who has made a donation to support animals in need during the ARL’s Spring Into Action Shelter Fund Drive!

Click here or on the green button below to make a donation to directly support the ARL’s shelters.

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ARL Recognizes Supporters at Whiskers & Wine

ARL staff, donors, Board members, and President’s Council members celebrate achievements in animal welfare

whiskers & wine

A big thank you to Cha-Chi Loprete for being our guest speaker!

Earlier this month, over 100 of the ARL’s biggest supporters came together at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston for the much-anticipated Whiskers & Wine Annual Meeting and President’s Council Spring Social.  The group included corporate sponsors, as well as members of our Board of Directors and our President’s Council, individuals who donate $1000 or more to help animals in need.

The event was held to celebrate the achievements in rescuing animals from suffering, cruelty, abandonment, and neglect,  all made possible thanks to the support of our generous donors.

Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Fairmont Copley Plaza, guests enjoyed delicious passed hors d’oeuvres, sipped sparkling wine, and chatted with fellow animal-lovers.

whiskers & wine

Congratulations to Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore for recieveing the ARL Anna Harris Smith award!

During the speaking portion of the casual cocktail event, special guest host Cha-Chi Loprete, animal welfare supporter and marketing director at WZLX, and speakers including ARL President Mary Nee, ARL Board chair Malcolm McDonald, ARL vice president of animal welfare Dr. Smith-Blackmore, and ARL director of marketing and development Ami Bowen talked about the impact of their donations on the thousands of animals who received care through ARL programs and services each year.

The speaking program concluded with an emotional video illustrating how ARL donors’ generous contributions help the animals who come to our three shelters get the care they need to find a new home.

THANK YOU once again to our generous donors for expressing your love of animals, compassion, and kindness through your support of the Animal Rescue League of Boston!

And a special thank you to our special guest host and corporate supporters of the Whiskers & Wine event…

Cha-Chi Loprete

Hingham Savings Bank

Robert Paul Properties

Unit Realty


Polkadog Bakery


Brookline Bank

Halliday Construction

Winthrop Wealth Management


Fairmont Copley Plaza


Finding Animals Homes Means So Much More at ARL

Donate Now to ARL’s Spring Into Action Shelter Fund Drive!

Whether answering questions for owners struggling with a pet’s behavior issues, providing shelter animals with enrichment opportunities, or working closely with adopters to find a pet to match their lifestyle, finding animals homes means so much more at the ARL’s shelters in Boston, Dedham, and Brewster.

From rescue stories to happy tail moments, your support makes an enormous impact on the thousands of animals who come through our shelters yearly. No matter what situation brings them to the ARL, every animal is treated with the upmost kindness and compassion.

Click the play button below to watch an inspiring video about the work your donations help support!

By making a donation during ARL’s Spring Into Action Shelter Fund Drive, you can continue to help shelter animals like Tucker and Woody (pictured below) get the care they need to find new homes.

shelter fund drive pets

(At left) 10-year-old Tucker, a stray cat, arrived at the ARL with his right ear in bad condition and underwent surgery to have it removed. Today, Tucker is fully recovered and in his new home! (At right) 13-year-old Woody came to us when his owner became to ill to care for him. His left eye had to be removed due to painful cataracts, but today Woody is pain-free and living in his new home!

Now through May 30, your donation will go even further to help animals find homes!

The Logan and Lucy Rescue Fund for Shelter Animals has challenged us to triple a $5,000 donation and raise $15,000 in three weeks for our shelters in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham.  We only have 12 more days to raise another $7000!


The ARL does not receive any government or public funding and relies solely on supports like you to give animals the care and loving home they need!


Impressive Turnout for Humane Lobby Day 2015!

ARL participated alongside notable local and national animal welfare organizations

On May 13, 2015, staff and volunteers proudly represented the Animal Rescue League of Boston at Humane Lobby Day held at the Massachusetts State House. Strong attendance of both state representatives and citizen animal advocates reinforced to legislators how important animal welfare is to their constituents.

ARL staff standing behind table

ARL staff and volunteers participated in Humane Lobby Day 2015 at the Massachusetts State House to show support for the cause of animal welfare and to thank legislators who have helped push through important laws impacting animal rights.

ARL staff and volunteers welcomed all Humane Lobby Day participants to speak with us about who we are and the important work that we do in the community. All were impressed by ARL’s courageous Rescue Services team, our awesome adoptable shelter pets, and our continuous efforts to educate the public about animal welfare and safety.


ARL staff spoke with state representatives and citizen animal advocates about what makes our local organization unique.

A big THANK YOU to our fellow Humane Lobby Day partners- The Humane Society of The United States, MSPCA, and ASPCA for giving animals a voice and asking state legislators to pass laws that benefit both animals and humans alike!

Lincoln, a rescue dog

MSPCA rescue, Lincoln, stole the show. He was adopted by Massachusetts State Senator Karen Spilka after meeting one another at last year’s Lobby Day!

The Animal Rescue League of Boston will continue to support legislation that enhances and improves protections for animals, and to oppose reforms that endanger the welfare of animals in Massachusetts. Continue to check our website for updates on the status of legislation impacting animal welfare in Massachusetts.


Humane Lobby Day is Tomorrow, May 13

ARL participating alongside other local & national animal welfare organizations

Humane Lobby Day will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, May 13, 2015, at the State House in Boston.

Mary Nee speaking at Lobby Day 2014

ARL’s President, Mary Nee, speaking at Lobby Day 2014

Follow ARL on Twitter for photos and live updates from the event.

Sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States, this special day is a great way for the ARL to show legislators how important animal welfare is to their constituents and to thank them for helping to pass important laws, such as An Act Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety (PAWS), that will significantly impact animals in Massachusetts.

View ARL’s current legislative agenda

Show your support for improving animal welfare in Massachusetts on Lobby Day. We hope to see all who have registered there!



May 8 is National Disaster Animal Preparedness Day

Follow these 7 steps to keep your pet safe in an emergency

In recognition of National Disaster Animal Preparedness Day, the ARL wants to remind pet owners to always be prepared for the unexpected.

Whether it’s a fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or other natural disaster, emergencies happen. Just as you’ve created an “in case of emergency” plan for your family, it’s smart to do the same for your pet. Keep in mind that what’s safest for you is typically also what’s safest for them.

Don't forget your pet emergency backpack!

Don’t forget your pet emergency backpack!

Follow these 7 steps to keep your furry family members safe:

  1. Include pets in your family emergency plan. Pre-determine how you would transport your pet in an evacuation and which boarding facility, shelter, friend, or relative would be able to take in your pet if necessary. Designate a neighbor to check in on and/or evacuate your pet in the event that you are not home when an emergency occurs. Display a notice in a visible part of your front door or window advising what pets live in the house.
  2. Prepare a pet emergency bag. Keep it handy in case you need to evacuate your home in hurry. Not sure what to bring? Take a look at ARL’s handy list of all the supplies your pet will need.
  3. Take your pets with you. If you need to evacuate your home, don’t leave your pets behind. Leaving an animal home alone could be dangerous, especially if it may take days or even weeks for your family to return to them.
  4. If it’s safe for your family to stay at home, keep pets confined. Pets should remain indoors at all times. Keep pets separated in their own quiet space with plenty of accessible water.
  5. Make your pet easy to ID. If you become separated from your pet, you’ll want to try and claim them as quickly as possible. Make sure that all identification tags are up-to-date and secured to your pet’s collar. Microchipping your pet is always a good idea and a fail-safe way to verify that you’re their owner. Also, keep a photo of you and your pet together handy to help others easily ID them.
  6. Vaccinate your pets. Protect your pets from potential disease and illness in the event that you need to leave your pet at a boarding facility or shelter.
  7. In the few days after a disaster, keep your pets indoors. Unfamiliar scents and sights may cause worry or confusion. Downed power lines, broken tree limbs, and displaced wild or domestic animals may pose a risk to your pet.

DID YOU KNOW… The ARL is the only animal welfare agency in Massachusetts that has an entire department dedicated to providing animal rescue services to the community?  If you see a domestic animal or wildlife in distress,  contact the ARL’s Rescue Services team.



Spring Into Action Animal Shelter Fund Drive, May 7-30

Spring into action and support the ARL’s animal shelters! Donate Now

Whether answering questions for pet owners struggling with a pet’s behavior issues, providing shelter animals with enrichment opportunities, or working closely with adopters to find a pet to match their lifestyle, finding animals homes means so much more at the ARL’s shelters in Boston, Dedham, and Brewster.

shelter fund drive

Your donation during our Spring Into Action Shelter Fund Drive will help animals like the four tiny kittens pictured above get the care and help they need to find a home!

In 2014, 5,620 animals received care at our shelters. 

No matter how they came to the shelter – through a law enforcement case such as a hoarding situation, as a stray brought in by a kind citizen or an animal control officer, or when owner passes away – cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, reptiles, and even pot-bellied pigs are treated with kindness and compassion.

“Most shelters put an emphasis on the medical and physical aspects of animal care,” says Maryann Regan, director of shelter operations.

“At the ARL, we know that an animal’s mental and emotional well-being is equally as important. We want to make each animal happy and comfortable, and to prepare them for life in their future home.”

The ARL does not receive any government or public funding to provide high quality care for the animals who come to our shelters.  Shelter animals count on supporters like you to get the care they need and find a new home!

Summer is our busiest season, which means that your donations are needed NOW to help the increasing number of animals coming through our doors.

The Logan and Lucy Rescue Fund for Shelter Animals has challenged us to triple a $5000 donation and raise $15,000 by May 30!  All donations during the ARL’s Spring Into Action Shelter Fund Drive will go directly to the ARL’s shelters in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham.

Visit or click the green button below to make a donation now.

Donate Now

SHARING IS CARING! Spread the word about our Spring Into Action Shelter Fund Drive and encourage your friends and family to help care for animals coming into our shelters!




May is Tick and Flea Awareness Month

6 helpful tips to protect your pet from sneaky parasites

As the days get longer and warmer, pets and their owners are eager to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Although spring is the start of picnics, strolls through the park, hiking, and other outdoor activities, it also marks the beginning of tick and flea season.

Ticks and fleas are small parasites that live off the blood of cats, dogs, humans, and other mammals.


Photo courtesy of

Ticks typically hide in leaves or grass and climb onto an unsuspecting animal when it brushes by. If a tick burrows into your pet’s skin, they may transmit serious illnesses, such as Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Areas with sandy soil, trees, rivers, and the presence of deer usually signify a dense tick population.

Fleas are much more agile and can jump from one animal or object to another with ease. Flea eggs are resistant to many cleaners and flea control products, which means they have the ability to grow into an adult and cause risk to your pet. A flea bite can cause Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD), Anemia, Tapeworm, and Rickettsiosis, which may result in skin conditions, lethargy, or other serious health effects.

Keep your pet covered with these 6 helpful tips:

  1. Tick and flea preventative should be administered year-round starting at 8 weeks of age. Although ticks and fleas tend to show up in the warmer months when more time is spent outdoors, larvae and adults can hide out in a multitude of places, such as other animals, bushes, and shrubbery, as well as in flooring, carpets, and sofas in your home.
  2. Don’t give ticks and fleas a chance to invade your home. Outdoors, cover waste bins, crawl spaces, and overgrown grass and shrubbery where ticks, fleas, and infected wildlife could hide. Indoors, vacuum carpets and sofas frequently and periodically wash your pet’s blankets, bed, and fabric toys in hot water and dry on high heat.
  3. Pets are good about hiding the “evidence.”  Cats, in particular, are very good at grooming adult fleas and ticks off of themselves. Just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there.
  4. Make “tick checks” part of your routine. When you settle down with your pet for their daily scratch session, pay extra close attention. If you spot a tick, remove it right away with a pair of fine-tipped tweezers. Grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull directly outward with steady force. Don’t forget to disinfect the bite area thoroughly after tick removal.
  5. Your pet may not show symptoms of being bitten by a tick or flea right away. In most cases, you will not actually see a tick or flea unless your pet has an allergic reaction to the bite(s). Only a blood test taken by your pet’s veterinarian can confirm an illness was transmitted by a tick or flea.
  6. Don’t wait, start now. If you haven’t already, ask your veterinarian about starting a preventative tick and flea treatment plan for your pets.

Take advantage of Boston Veterinary Care’s May Promotion* for each of your pets!

Receive 10% off up to a one-year supply of Frontline, Vectra 3D, or Revolution when purchased with an exam, plus manufacturer’s rebates.

Also receive a free flea comb with purchase of Frontline, Vectra 3D, or Revolution when purchased with an exam, while supplies last.

*Not to be combined with any other offer


April 30 is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Top 5 reasons to adopt a shelter pet


Winifred is available for adoption at our Dedham shelter. Click the photo to learn more about this pretty lady.

Adopt, don’t shop! In honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, the ARL asks you to consider saving a life and adopting from a reputable animal shelter.

The Humane Society of America estimates that 6 to 8 million pets end up in animal shelters every year, primarily through no fault of their own. “Moving”, “landlord restrictions”, and “new baby” are a few of the most common reasons why families have to make the difficult decision to give up their pets.

The silver lining? That means that many shelter pets have already had the basic training and socialization skills they need to become part of your household!

Here are the top 5 reasons to adopt a shelter pet:

  1. You will give an animal a home. Your compassion will help give a deserving shelter pet a safe loving home and your adoption fee will support other animals in need.


    Adorable Rosie is available for adoption at our Boston shelter. Click the photo to learn more about her.

  2. You will have help finding your perfect match. Every animal at the ARL receives individualized behavioral assessments and enrichment programs. Our staff learns as much as possible about each animal so they can help adopters find the perfect pet for their family and lifestyle.
  3. You will save money. At the ARL, all this is included in your pet’s adoption fee:  spay or neuter services, health screening and veterinary examination, behavior screening and evaluations, vaccinations and flea/tick/mite treatment, and microchip identification and registration.
  4. You will feel good about yourself. When you adopt, you give an animal a chance at a better life.  Your shelter pet will thank you constantly with tons of affection and by becoming your new best friend.
  5. You will be supporting responsible pet ownership. When searching for an animal companion, always consider the source and the support you will get following the adoption if you have any questions.  The ARL, for example, has a behavior helpline and shelter staff can answer questions for you after you take your pet home.

For information on adoptable animals at our ARL shelter locations, please call or visit us. All of our shelters are open Tuesday – Sunday, 1PM-6:30PM, excluding some holidays.

Search adoptables

Don’t have the means right now to adopt a shelter pet? There are other ways to make a difference:

Dedham puppies with staff and volunteers

Sign up as a volunteer. Donate your time to caring for animals or helping with administrative tasks. The ARL staff will match you to a position aligned with your skills and interests. View ARL’s current volunteer opportunities.

Become a foster parent. Opening up your home to an animal on a temporary basis gives a shelter pet the comfortable loving environment they crave until they’re ready to be adopted. Learn more about becoming an ARL foster parent.

Make a donation. All monetary contributions, no matter how big or small, go a long way to helping shelter pets receive the care they need. An adoption fee also goes toward helping other homeless animals. Look at all the ways you can give to ARL.

Remember that not all donations need to be monetary! Shelters are just as needing of supplies. View ARL’s shelter wish list.

IT’S THANK YOU THURSDAY!  Special thanks to MassRealty for promoting the importance of adoption!  Check out their recent article about adoption and the ARL: