Happy Tail: Bruschi is Truly a Part of the Family

Update from Bruschi (Adopted 11/25/13)

Bruschi, his new fam,. staff and volunteers on the day he was adopted.

Bruschi, his new fam, staff ,and volunteers on the day he was adopted.

Happy Mutt Monday! Start your week off with a heartwarming update about a lovable dog named Bruschi.

When Bruschi came in to the Animal Rescue League in October of 2013, we knew he was special. This lovable big boy adored human attention and would do just about anything for a hug. He quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite and received that attention he so desperately craved!

It took a little over a month for Bruschi to find a home, but when he did, boy did he score big! He was adopted on November 25, 2013 by Lauren and Tom and had a heartfelt send-off. Since his adoption they’ve kept the ARL staff up-to-date with Bruschi’s daily life and progress.

Here’s their latest note:

“Hi ARL staff!

Bruschi is doing great – He’s truly a part of our family.  He is so happy the snow is melting finally, and he loves to play catch with tennis balls! He also loves to cuddle as you see [in the pictures]! He is so gentle and is a big baby. We love him and couldn’t be more grateful that we had the chance to adopt him! We will have to bring him in soon to visit!” - Lauren, Tom & Bruschi

Bruschi 7

The family out in the snow.

bruschi 1

Bruschi is all smiles.

We currently have several very friendly Pit Bull-type dogs available for adoption at our Boston shelter. View them online or stop by during adoption hours, Tuesday – Thursdfay 1p.m.-7p.m. and Friday – Sunday 1p.m.-4p.m.).


Pets of the Week: Rio and Sid, Miss Luna and Pebbles

Pets Seeking Human Companions

All of the animals listed below are patiently waiting for loving human companions to call their own. Will you lend them a paw by sharing their information?

Rio & Sid
Rio and Sid are a bonded pair of 4-year-old neutered male ferrets looking for a home with room for two! They are very playful and entertaining to watch! When they’re not running around and playing, you’ll often find them napping together.

They’ve been at our Boston shelter for almost two months and it’s about time they found a fun family!

Read Rio & Sid’s Profile

If Rio and Sid sound like the pets for you, come meet them at our Boston shelter! Or, if you think they’d make the a great match for a friend, please spread the word.

03-28-14 Miss Luna

Miss Luna is a beautiful 6-year old kitty with a shy, but sweet disposition. She warms up to new people quickly, but would probably prefer a quiet home.

We do not know how she would do with other animals, but a slow introduction is best if bringing her home to other animals.

Her previous owner said that once she’s comfortable with you, she’s quite the snuggler.

Read Miss Luna’s profile

Miss Luna is eagerly waiting to meet you today, so come meet her at our Dedham shelter!

03-28-14 PebblesPebbles is one handsome, young bunny! This 7-month-old rabbit is friendly, curious, and likes to be petted. In his previous home Pebbles was used to spending time in and out of his cage, so he’s mostly litter box trained. He is a netherland dwarf mix and is probably going to stay on the smaller side that he is now.

Read Pebbles’ adoption profile

If Pebbles sounds like the bunny for you, visit him at the Brewster shelter!


Happy Tail: Harry Truman Passes Dog Training Boot Camp

Update on Harry Truman nka Jackson

photo7The 6 month mark is always an exciting time after any pet adoption. By this point a family has had the opportunity to get to know their new pet and they will have made some significant observations about their new buddy.

This is ARL alum Harry Truman, now known as Jackson to his new human companions. He was adopted in September 2013 and his family can’t praise him enough! Here’s what they had to say:

“We love him! He’s so smart, loving and absolutely perfect for us. He does well on and off leash, he passed a dog training boot camp we took him to with flying colors, he’s great with people and other dogs. We couldn’t have been luckier to have found him. We have more pictures of him in 6months than we do together after 2 years!

Jackson is doing great and loving his new home. He’s gotten very comfortable in the car, finally, and is obsessed with Kick Fetch toys, so we play often…and have to keep buying them because he chews them up. Fortunately, that’s the only thing he chews. He still has some separation anxiety when we bring him to day care once a week, but once he’s in the play room he runs around like crazy and forgets all about us.

Thanks again for helping us to take him home!”

To Jackson’s family thank you for choosing to adopt a shelter dog and for keeping us up-to-date on Jackson’s progress. We’re wishing you guys many more years of happiness!


Pets of the Week: Mama, Minnie and Blu

Pets Seeking Human Companions

This week we’re switching things up a little and instead of choosing just one pet of the week, we’re choosing one pet from each of our three shelters. Mama, Minnie and Blu all need a little extra help in finding their new human companions. Will you lend them a paw by sharing their information? If it helps, Mama’s fee has been waived by a generous donor and Minnie’s fee has been reduced!

MamaMeet 9-year-old Mama, an absolute sweetheart who is easy to please.

She is happy to snuggle in her bed, enjoy long petting sessions, or just lay in the sun by herself. Mama is a low-maintenance cat and is just an all around cutie. She has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite.

Thanks to a generous donor, her adoption fee is waived, so Mama is ready to go home with you, as soon as you say the word!

Read Mama’s Profile

If Mama sounds like the cat for you, come meet her at our Boston shelter! Or, if you think she’s make the purrfect match for a friend, please spread the word.

Blue for BlogBlu is an incredibly handsome 2-year-old dog who would do well in nearly any home!

He is very energetic, playful, and enjoys playgroups with most dogs. He appears to be a little too interested in cats – if you know what we mean - so he shouldn’t live with one.

Blu is housetrained, and very treat motivated, which makes him easy to train. He already knows most commands!

Read Blu’s profile

If Blu sounds like the dog for you, come meet him at our Dedham shelter.

MinnieMeet 4-year-old Minnie. She enjoys human attention and loves being petted.

Minnie is a calm girl and is used to a quiet household. She likes to curl up in her bed and will give you a little meow of greeting when you visit her. The fastest way to her heart is with cat treats.

Minnie took a little while to settle in here at first, but now she has gotten used to her temporary home and is ready to find a new family!

Thanks to a very generous sponsor, Minnie’s adoption fee has been reduced! So come on down and find your lucky charm today!!

Read Minnie’s adoption profile

If Minnie sounds like the cat for you, visit the Brewster shelter!


Pets of the Week: All of the Piggies at ARL Shelters

March is Adopt A Guinea Pig Month

The month of March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month.

Many people don’t realize that our shelter and others adopt out these adorable pets.

Here are three great ways you can support guinea pigs in shelters this month:

  1. Adopt. Guinea pigs make great pets. If you’d like to learn more about them, call our Brewster shelter and speak with one of our adoption agents.
  2. Spread The Word. Tell your friends and family they can adopt guinea pigs at the ARL’s Brewster shelter rather than buying from a pet store.
  3. Foster. Sometimes even guinea pigs need foster parents.

03-13 Guinea Pig Month_ThumbCharlie, pictured left, is one of several guinea pigs as our shelter. He is a smaller sized boy with that spiky abyssinian hair.

Charlie is used to being held, though he can be a little timid when in his cage. He likes to eat his salads and munch on his hay. He will be a great pet for his new family – come meet him at our Brewster shelter on Cape Cod soon!

Read his profile.

View other available guinea pigs: arlboston.org/search-adoptables


Thank You Thursday: Mod Squad Helps Shelter Dogs

Huge Thanks to Our Mod Squad

Halle gets a hug from Mal.

The ARL Mod Squad is a select group of experienced volunteers who specialize with training the ARL’s shelter dogs.

Working together as a team, they provide essential support in the Boston adoption center for dogs with a variety of health and behavioral issues, making sure that, even at the busiest times, every dog gets individual enrichment.

The Mod Squad also helps with adoptions – helping with introductions, offering tips and advice to potential adopters – taking photos and now taking videos!

halleToday we’d like to dedicate “Thank You Thursday” to our Mod Squad. Their latest effort has been working with shelter dog, HALLE BERRY and helping her find a home.

Halle is an active two-year-old dog who knows all her basic cues and is eager to learn. She loves cuddling with people and can be a sweet, couch potato once she has gone out for a nice walk.

Halle has been waiting for a home since November and we hope that someone will choose her soon! The Mod Squad put together this excellent video of Halle, highlighting her knowledge of commands and agility skills. Hopefully, the right person will watch it and fall in love with Halle.

Watch the video below to see Halle’s wonderful personality… and the hard work that the Mod Squad has put in to train her!

mod squad

Thank you, Mod Squad!


Pet of the Week: Toppsie, a Chatty “Caty”

Toppsie Will Chat You Up

Toppsie will happily hang out by your side as you work.

Toppsie will happily hang out by your side as you work.

Toppsie is a chatty, affectionate four-year-old cat and we just can’t wrap our heads around how this extraordinary girl has been at our shelter since December. Maybe you’re her purrfect match?

Toppsie’s has so much love to give and sweet nature will melt your heart!

She starts out a bit shy (don’t we all?), but warms up quickly and you’ll soon find her following you around as you go about your day.

Since she is a bit timid at first, she would probably do best in a home with older children or adults only.

To see just how lovable this girl is, watch her video below.

Read Toppsie’s profile

If Toppsie sounds like the feline friend for you, come meet her at our Boston shelter. Or if you know someone who’d make the perfect match, please forward this email or share her information via social media.



Happy Tail: Rico Makes a Lasting Impression

Pet Parent Gets Ink of Adopted Dog

Garth next to his dad's new ink.

Rico next to his dad’s new ink.

One of the most exciting moments for any animal shelter agent is when they receive that email update from a new adopter, sharing photos, progress and of course explaining how much they love their new pet. We all love updates!

Our Boston shelter recently received an email from Rico’s (f.k.a. Garth) new family. They adopted him back in April of 2013 and he quickly made a lasting impression on his new pet parents… literally! His new dad got a tattoo of his favorite pup not long ago, memorializing his love for Ricco forever.

Along with a handful of awesome pictures included below, his dad, Louis, also shared an update stating that “Rico is great. He is so full of love. We couldn’t have been blessed more by finding Rico. It’s been fun having him around. He’s a great boy.”

 Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but here at the ARL we get to see stories of love every day.

Rico and his family.

Rico and his family.

Rico is a sweater man.

Rico is a sweater man.




Pets of the Week: Guinea Pigs Siskel and Ebert

Best Buds Hoping for a Permanent Home Together

SSiskel & Ebert Heartiskel and Ebert are best buds who have been at the ARL’s Boston shelter since November. They are two very friendly guinea pigs who would make great pets!

These two boys are very attached to each other and we would love for them to go home together this Valentine’s Day weekend!

Siskel and Ebert are charming and talkative little animals and their unique personalities will provide you with hours of joy and love.

Guinea pigs can make great companions for both first-time or experienced pet owners. Given that they are prey animals, guinea pigs require time, patience and a gentle hand. Once they are comfortable with you and their new surroundings, their personalities really shine. Just like any other pet, guinea pigs require a lot of care and attention. It is important to familiarize yourself with their daily and long term needs before adding one to your family.

If you or your friends or family members are considering getting a guinea pig (or two) please consider adoption first. Throughout the year our shelters have many small animals including guinea pigs just waiting for their perfect match.

Learn more about guinea pigs.

We hope you’ll add Siskel & Ebert to your pack!


02-14-14 Siskel & Ebert_Photo

Siskel & Ebert
Photo: Maria Uribe



Meet Gus the Degu. What’s a Degu?

Degu 101

Our Boston shelter has a very special and very tiny guest who’s waiting for someone who wants a unique and spunky small pet like him. His name is Gus and he’s a degu. Never heard of a degu? Neither have most people, so here’s a little introduction to the species!

Relative newcomers as pets, full-grown degus are about the size of a pet rat, but with a long fluffy tail, large eyes and mouse-like ears.

Most degus are social and like to live with others of their kind BUT not our GUS! The reason he was brought to the ARL in the first place is because he didn’t get along with his Degu buddy. In essence he’s the exception to that rule.

Another important note, degus don’t like to be handled, but do enjoy human companionship. Their antics, often accompanied by excited chattering or gentle coos, can keep you entertained for hours. Their average life span is five to ten years.

Here’s a random fact about degus: they have yellow teeth. Unlike humans, if their teeth turn white it typically means they’re not healthy.

Before adopting a degu, consider the following:

  • Degus need nutritious food, fresh water and a clean habitat.
  • Degus clean themselves by rolling in dust, so you’ll need to provide a dust bath.
  • Degus need daily exercise and play.
  • While they are excellent companions, most degus do not like to be handled, but Gus loves getting his cheeks scratched. Watch the video below.
  • Degus require a larger habitat than most rodents.

Now that you have some basic info about degus. We hope you’ll be that special someone Gus is waiting for!