Update: Couple Charged in Westport Dog Case

Westport, MA pair arrested in connection with Jersey, the matted dog’s case

Earlier this week, the Westport Police Department and local authorities arrested two people on animal cruelty charges relating to the rescue of “Jersey”, the approximately 8-year-old Llasa Apso who was found roaming around Sanford Road and Milk Avenue in Westport, MA. Her severely matted fur was was caked in dirt, urine, feces. Watch Jersey’s story, as reported by Fox 25.

Jersey was taken in to the ARL’s Boston shelter where she underwent intense medical treatment, including enucleation surgery, rendering her permanently blind. She also underwent a procedure to have bladder stones removed. Jersey will also receive treatment for significant dental decay.

Despite all she’s been through, Jersey has kept her sweet disposition toward ARL volunteers and staff. Although she can no longer see, Jersey still loves to explore! Her favorite activity is sniffing around patches of grass, followed by a long nap in her favorite plush blanket.

UPDATE: During the course of Jersey’s investigation, a tip was called in to Westport Police that lead them to a residence in Westport, MA. When investigators arrived at the home, they discovered three Dachshunds in concerning circumstances and transferred them to the ARL’s Boston shelter. The dogs’ owners were both charged with Animal Cruelty by a Custodian. Anyone wishing to help with the care and medical treatments of these innocent animals is encouraged to donate at arlboston.org.


Jersey is recovering well after undergoing surgery last week at our Boston headquarters. If you would like to make a donation to Jersey and other animals in need, click the photo above or visit bit.ly/ARLDonate.


Three Dachshunds were also discovered at the Westport, MA residence. Left: Charlie; top-right: Penny; bottom-right: Gracie. Penny is available for adoption at our Boston Adoption Center. Gracie and Charlie have already found their forever homes. Please click the photo above or visit arlboston.org/search-adoptables to learn more. Update: All three Dachshunds have been adopted!


SUSPECT ANIMAL CRUELTY? Call your local animal control officer or police department immediately. Learn the signs of animal cruelty at arlboston.org/take-action


The Patriot’s Logan Ryan Helps ARL Dog Find a Home

Coretta has been looking for her forever home since February

On a sunny afternoon in May, long-time resident of ARL’s Boston shelter, Coretta, met her biggest celebrity yet: New England’s Patriot’s Cornerback Logan Ryan! For Coretta, it was love at first sniff.


Coretta had a blast hanging out with New England Patriot’s cornerback Logan Ryan! Coretta is available for adoption at ARL’s Boston shelter.

Click here to learn more about Coretta

Logan Ryan selected the beautiful 3-year-old Pit-Bull Terrier mix as his May feature for Ryan’s Monthly Rescue, a social media campaign to give additional exposure to Pit Bull-type dogs looking for their forever homes.

Coretta was the perfect candidate! Check her out on Logan Ryan’s Instagram account.

Logan Ryan and Coretta spent the afternoon frolicking through the grass and tossing around a Patriot’s-themed football. All were impressed by her energy and athleticism!

“Coretta loves to run and play fetch, but she seemed to enjoy just hanging by my side for this photoshoot, too,” said Logan. “She’s worked on obedience training with the great volunteers and staff at the ARL and also enjoys nosework and agility.

ADOPT, DON’T SHOP - If you or a friend are looking for an incredible lady-like companion, please call our Boston shelter at 617-226-5602 and ask about Coretta!


Hot off the Press: Our Four-Footed Friends

Check out the Spring/Summer 2016 edition here!

ARL’s latest edition of Our Four-Footed Friends, includes news and photos of all the critical work for animals you helped support.

Our Four-Footed Friends Spring/Summer 2016 edition

Click on the image above to read the full Spring/Summer 2016 edition of Our Four-Footed Friends!

Click here or the image at right to view the full Spring/Summer 2016 OFFF magazine.

What’s inside…

  • How your support positively impacted ARL shelter pets in 2016!
  • The steps ARL is taking to advocate for animals- and what you can do to help!
  • A recap of National Spay/Neuter Awareness Month!
  • “Happy tail” & winter rescue success stories!
  • And much more!




ARL Shelters Closed TODAY – Thursday, March 31

ARL shelters & Boston Veterinary Care are closed for all-staff meeting

Dedicated ARL volunteers will be on-site throughout the day caring for our animals. A special thank you goes out to those pawsome folks!

You can search adoptable animals now to learn more about the cats, dogs, and small animals who are looking for a home and contact our shelters tomorrow, Friday, April 1, during regular hours, 1:00 pm-6:30 pm.

Boston Shelter: (617) 426-9170 or adoption@arlboston.org
Brewster: (508) 255-1030 or brewster@arlboston.org
Dedham: The shelter is currently closed for remodeling.

Boston Veterinary Care will re-open tomorrow, Friday, April 1, at 8:00 am.

For emergencies, please contact Bluepearl – specialty + emergency medicine for pets at (781) 684-8387.


ARL Debuts Christine Barton Feline Suite

ARL’s newly constructed Feline Suite has been named in memory of longtime volunteer, Christine Barton

Earlier this week, volunteers and staff gathered together at ARL’s Boston shelter to celebrate the life of the caring, committed, and longtime volunteer, Christine Barton.

Click here to read the North End Waterfront article.

During the naming ceremony, ARL’s volunteer and educational programs manager, Debra Vogel, gave a heartfelt speech about why the Feline Suite was dedicated in Christine’s name:

feline suite

On Monday, ARL’s new Feline Suite was dedicated to longtime volunteer, Christine Barton! Funding for the Feline Suite was generously donated by the Gelnaw family!

Shy and fractious cats, like Frisky, surrendered to the ARL’s Boston shelter sometimes struggle in the traditional kennel environment. The newly renovated Feline Suite gives these cats a more home-like setting to rehabilitate and ultimately find a permanent home.

In the summer of 2015, the ARL lost a treasured member of their volunteer team, Christine Barton, after a battle with cancer.
Christine was a feline friend, a photographer, and a mentor. She spent countless hours patiently caring for the animals at the ARL.  Her devotion spanned from sitting for long periods of time with a shy cat to waiting for the perfect photo of a rambunctious puppy.
While her love for animals was obvious, her concern for children was just as strong. Christine frequently said, ‘I just want to do good’.
Feline Suite

ARL president, Mary Nee, and Feline Suite donor, Michelle Gelnaw unveil Christine’s plaque at the dedication ceremony.

Christine’s final wish was to have one more chance to visit the ARL’s Boston shelter. The Feline Suite that is being dedicated in her name, gives challenging cats a second chance. In this space, current volunteers can carry on Christine’s work to care for the cats in residence there. Nothing made Christine happier than to see once challenging cats flourish and find a new home.

Funding for the Christine Barton Feline Suite was generously donated by the Gelnaw family. They requested that the Feline Suite be named in Christine’s memory to help her legacy live on!

THANK YOU to Christine Barton for her many years of dedicated service to animals in need at the ARL!

…And to the Gelnaw family for their generous donation to help give struggling cats a chance to find a loving home!


February is National Adopt a Rabbit Month

Hop on over to the ARL and ADOPT a bunny today!

Thanks to our knowledgeable staff and volunteers, the ARL has many types of animals available for adoption- not just cats and dogs. If a feline or canine is not the pet for you, or you have limited space in your home, consider SPREADING THE LOVE and adopting a rabbit!

Bunnies like Millie, Bamm-Bamm, and Cookie are all searching for a family to love this Valentine’s Day. Looking for double

adopt a rabbit

9-month-old Jordash is hoping to hop her way into your heart! Get to know this beautiful gal by clicking her photo.

the laughs? Bonded pair Castiel and Ghost are the best of friends and are hoping to find a home together!

Search adoptables

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider adopting a rabbit this February:

  1. Bunnies spend the majority of their day quietly inside their cage, making them the perfect companions for apartment dwellers.
  2. Cottontails can be trained to use a litter box, so you won’t have to rush home from work to let them out.
  3. Hares need minimal exercise every day, so they require less attention than cats or dogs.
  4. Rabbits are curious, friendly, and will entertain you for hours with their silly antics.
  5. Hop-a-longs keep themselves tidy and are all about “clean eating”, snacking on salad, hay, and carrots as treats.

Need a 6th reason? All adoptable rabbits at the ARL receive the following: Spay/neuter services, health screening and veterinary examination, behavior screening and evaluations, vaccinations, parasite treatment, and more!

Don’t forget… to please bring a photo of the cage your rabbit will live in, as it’s required for adoption.

SPREAD THE LOVE THIS VALENTINE’S DAY: Not able to ADOPT right now? That’s OK! Consider sponsoring a rabbit’s adoption fee to help a deserving bunny find a home this February! Contact our Boston, Brewster, or Dedham shelter for more information.


Winter Weather Closings

ARL programs and administrative offices closed on February 8

Due to the winter weather, the following ARL programs will be closed to the public on Monday, February 8:

  • ARL adoption centers in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham
  • ARL rescue services
  • Boston Veterinary Care
  • Pine Ridge Pet Cemetery
  • Spay Waggin’

Shelter staff and volunteers will stay at the shelter to make sure the animals remain safe, warm, and in good spirits as the snow flies on Monday.

winter shelter ferl cats

You can provide feral cats with shelter during a snow storm! An elevated foam bin filled with straw offers warm shelter.

When a snow storm hits, we often receive an increasing number of calls from concerned citizens with questions about feral cats.  Our rescue team suggests trying to coax a feral cat indoors to a garage or basement if possible for shelter during a storm.

If that’s not possible, watch our helpful how-to video to build a DIY cat shelter.  Make sure to line the inside with straw and use cinder blocks or boards to get the cat shelter off the ground.

For more winter weather pet safety tips, visit arlboston.org/winter-pet-health.


January is National Adopt a Bird Month

5 reasons to SPREAD THE LOVE and ADOPT a feathery friend today!

January is national Adopt a Bird Month and the ARL wants to SPREAD THE LOVE! Often overlooked in animal shelters, these beautiful and majestic creatures can make great pets, especially for families with limited living space or allergies.

If you feel like a furry friend may not be quite the pet you’re looking for then consider birds like Pipsqueak and Saphire that promise to make your heart soar! Search adoptables

Here are 5 other reasons why YOU should branch out and adopt a bird this month:

adopt a bird month pipsqueak

January is National Adopt a Bird Month and parakeets like Pipsqueak are eager to meet their new family! Click his photo to learn more about him.

1. You’ll have someone to talk to. Because of their above average intelligence, birds are very communicative and love to socialize with humans.

2. You’ll have fun training them. Since birds are relatively small, training them can be less physically demanding than working with larger creatures, making them a good choice for the young, elderly, or disabled.

3. You’ll have more space. A bird’s, food, water, and toys are typically self-contained in their cage, so smaller households will still have plenty of room to move around.

4. You’ll have a loyal friend for the long-run. Many bird species have extraordinarily long life expectancies, some living more than 100 years! This often eases the concerns of people who want to make sure they adopt a pet that they can love and enjoy for a very long time.

5. You’ll save money. Most landlords only charge “pet fees” to tenants with cats or dogs. Additionally, at the ARL, all of this is included in your pet’s adoption fee: health screening and veterinary exam, behavioral screening and evaluation, vaccinations, parasite treatment, and more!

DON’T FORGET… to bring a photo! If you’re interested in adopting a bird or other small animal, the ARL requires that you bring a picture of the cage that your new companion will be living in to ensure it’s adequate.


Your Donations Gave Pearce a Chance at a Better Life

5 days and $763,300 left to help animals like him in 2016 – DONATE NOW

Only because of YOUR generous donations are special animals like Pearce able to find a home for the holidays!

In March of this year, 7-month-old Pearce arrived at the ARL’s Boston shelter.

Adorable and playful, the tortoise shell-colored Pittie-mix was adopted quickly despite his jumpy-mouthy behavior. Confident that he would outgrow this puppy-like demeanor, his new family enrolled him in ARL’s training courses. Unfortunately, after a few weeks without improvement, his owners made the difficult decision to return him to the ARL.

home for the holidays

Thanks to your incredible support, Pearce will enjoy many years of nature hikes with his forever family! Click his photo to DONATE to the ARL and help other animals like him.

Two weeks later, Pearce’s beaming smile won the hearts of an optimistic young couple. Up for the challenge, the duo brought the lovable, but over-the-top dog home. Within 48 hours, however, they were forced to return Pearce to the shelter after he mouthed at them so intensely that he caused bruising.

A couple of weeks after that, the strong-willed pup was adopted by a third family. Despite counseling and behavioral training, Pearce was returned within 24 hours for exhibiting the same rough behaviors.

At this point it was clear to ARL’s behavior and enrichment manager, Dot Baisly, that Pearce’s behavior was not that of “typical” puppy, but instead stemmed from a serious underlying issue.

“This poor dog had no stability in his life and displayed the tendencies of dogs that are weaned away from their mother and littermates too young to help them learn mouth control,” explains Dot. “Anytime Pearce changed his surroundings, he experienced feelings of intense anxiety. These nerves manifested into temper tantrums, which made the forceful mouthy behavior more pronounced.”

YOUR generous donations gave Pearce hope for the future… DONATE NOW

Every day for the next 5 months, Pearce underwent intensive training to teach him how to appropriately interact with people and other dogs. Dot in conjunction with ARL’s Behavioral Modification (MOD) Squad, volunteers, staff, and outside professionals dedicated over 100 hours to rehabilitate him.

Pearce’s extensive enrichment and behavioral program consisted of nose work and agility training, social activities with other dogs, such as walks and playgroup, kennel enrichment and obedience training, and office and home fostering to help him decompress from the busy shelter environment. Pearce even attended an off-site 3-week board, train, and daycare program- and did wonderfully!

home for the holidays

“He makes us laugh daily,” exclaims Pearce’s new mom! Oh, and his favorite time of the day? Snuggle time with his dad Jon, of course!

8 long months after he arrived at the ARL, Pearce found a home for the holidays!

The snuggly pup has been in his new home with his mom, dad, and feline brothers for just over a month now and has adjusted very well!

Pearce is also making big strides in his obedience training with a professional trainer and is a favorite at the daycare he attends 4 times a week!

“He makes us laugh daily,” says Pearce’s new mom Katy Hayes. Thank you to the ARL for all of your work with Pearce and giving him a chance to find his forever home. We really appreciate the hours upon hours you gave to him and to us to ensure he transitioned and adjusted in a healthy and productive manner!”


The clock is ticking and we still need to raise$763,300 by December 31!

At the ARL, a love for animals inspires us to do more. We receive no government or public funding and rely entirely on the support of people like you to give deserving animals like Pearce the chance at a better life!

Visit arlboston.kintera.org/donate or click on the DONATE button below to make a donation to the Animal Rescue League of Boston!


A big THANK YOU to Macy’s for helping to more animals like Pearce find a home for the holidays, and to everyone who has donated to the ARL to help animals in need!


ADOPT, Don’t Shop December 18-20

Big things come in small packages, so why not give a shelter pet a home for the holidays!

If you’ve been considering giving a pet as a present this holiday season, then stop by the ARL this weekend and take advantage of our Home for the Holidays adoption special and FREE GIFT!


From TODAY Friday, December 18 through Sunday, December 20, ARL’s shelters are offering $20 off the adoption fee of all small animals to help them find a HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

Many people think animal shelters only have dogs and cats, but at the ARL we have the capacity and knowledge to take in a variety of small animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, rats, hamsters, and  ferrets.

Small animals like Edgar the Shorthaired rabbit, Fluffy the bling Guinea Pig, and Huey, Dewey, and Louie the hamsters make great companions for pet “newbies”, families with limited space, or people with allergies to cats or dogs.

big things come in small packages

Fluffy is a 3-year-old blind Guinea Pig looking for a special family to bring her home for the holidays! Come visit her at our Brewster shelter!

ADOPT SMALL, SAVE BIG! At the ARL, all of this is included in your pet’s adoption fee:

  • spay or neuter services
  • health screening and veterinary exam
  • behavioral screening and evaluation
  • vaccinations
  • parasite treatment
  • a microchip, when applicable

If you’re interested in adopting a small animal, don’t forget to bring in a photo of the cage that your new furry companion will be living in.

COME EARLY AND JINGLE ALL THE WAY HOME: Receive a “Home for the Holidays” Pet Pack to help your new furry family get settled into their new homewith every animal adoption from December 18-20, while supplies last!

Participating ARL locations include…

December 18, 19, and 20:

ARL Boston Shelter 10 Chandler Street, Boston
Phone: (617) 426-9170
Hours: 1:00 pm – 6:30 pm

ARL Brewster Shelter 3981 Main St (Rte 6A), East Brewster

big things come in small packages

Barney (pictured) along with many other rabbits are waiting to meet their new families! Click Barney’s photo to view a complete list of available small animals.

Phone: (508) 255-1030
Hours: 1:00 pm – 6:30 pm

December 19 ONLY:

ARL Dedham Mobile Adoptions 163 Highland Ave, Needham Petco
Phone: (781) 326-0729
Hours: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm


1. Donate supplies to ARL’s shelter pets! They made their lists… and checked it twice. View our Boston adoption center wish list, Brewster adoption center wish list, and Dedham adoption center wish list!

2. Give a gift that’s especially furry and bright! Donate $25 or more in honor of animal-friendly colleagues, friends, and family members this holiday season, and you can choose a complimentary card to let them know about the special gift you gave in their name. Click here to select your tribute card!

THANK YOU to Onyx Hotel, Hotel Marlowe, Hotel Nine Zero, I and Love and You, and Boston Veterinary Care for donating to the Home for the Holidays Pet Pack!

…and to Macy’s for helping to spread awareness about the importance of animal adoptions this holiday season!